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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Promo Tour Day 9: Jennifer Sage

 About the Author:

Jennifer Sage is an internationally acclaimed author of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance as well as the Author of Erotic Poetry. Although both of Ms. Sage's series contain stand alone books, they MUST be read in order or you will be missing elements of the world. No cliffs until Dante, but that was unavoidable when the entire tale spanned 500K years, three stories, and 250K words.

Keltor, her first book in "The Guardian Archives" has been translated into Italian by her wonderful publisher out of Rome, Dunwich Edizioni. They hold all Italian rights to that work and have just signed her for the rest of the Guardian Archives series. Ratha was released 9/14/14 and Dante-Part 1 was released 10/31/14. Dante is to date is her steamiest, most epic, most sought after title. Fans will not be disappointed, though she does fully expect to be on high alert for crazy stalkers that may want to replay "Misery" until part 2 is released. Its release date is looking to be August 2015 as long as the editor can get through 110K words of deliciousness by then. Part 2 is finished however "The End" is never the end. All of the production that goes on after those words can take months. Revisions, revisions, revisions! Then the fabulous beta's, then the most amazing editor.

Ms. Sage is also the sought after poet of some very controversial erotica, which she usually shares for free over her many social media platforms. Requested by popular demand, was an Anthology published called "Sexual Tendencies" filled with many talented Authors and 100% of the proceeds on that work will forever go to the charity "Art Start" - Sex sells, why not help a great cause at the same time?

Besides being an avid reader and authoring scintillating tales for her readers to dream about, she is the lover of deliciously crafted red wines, phenomenal food (prepared by her and for her!) that makes her squeal, yoga, long walks anywhere in nature and a trademark "EEEEEK!" when she's excited. ((Which tends to be a lot. Life is always surprising her!))

Her family and in particular, her beautiful daughter is the 'why' for everything she does. She believes in dreaming big and often and one of her favorite quotes is "Go big, or go home." With her first book signing 8,000 miles from home on another continent, she lives by those words for sure.

Happy writing, happy reading. xx

The Guardian Archives Series:

 Book 1: Keltor

**DISCLAIMER: This book is not intended for persons under the age 18 due to graphic violence, hot Alpha sex, and language.**
From back cover blurb:

Angels do not have wings. But they do have fangs and some curse like sailors.

The Guardians, a once Mortal group of warriors, exist to hunt the Demons in our forgotten world. Their bloodline allows them at the time of their death to rise and fight in the war that rages all around, unseen by human eyes.

For almost a thousand years, Keltor, one of the oldest warriors, has fought after losing everything he loved at the hands of a Demon. He’s taken no comfort except in his vengeance against the beings that stole his heart and life. Then one day, it begins to pound in his chest again when he sees her, the Keeper.

Elizabeth is a Mortal that suddenly begins to see things that shouldn’t exist. The story that she couldn’t write is now right in front of her eyes, literally. As is a breathtakingly gorgeous, leather clad warrior with a heavy Irish brogue that is completely off limits per the laws of the new world she is thrust into.

She is a Keeper, a balance between the light and dark who has within her the power to tilt the scales one way or another in this war with her choices. Somehow she made it thirty years in this world hidden from both sides. An epic struggle for her soul begins as she learns who she is and tries to accept that it’s the Keeper’s pull attracting her to Keltor, nothing more.

A warrior that lost his heart long ago, a woman that has never really known her own. Each Guardian only gets one Mate and when they’re found, there’s nothing in the Seven Hells or the Heavens that could keep them apart.

Is it the magic of the Keeper’s soul, or is she His?

Book 2- Ratha- The Magic Within

**DISCLAIMER** This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18 due to graphic sex, overall content and violence.***

Ratha of Westmeath - A Mortal Sorceress that lived for over twelve-hundred years. Mother to one of the eldest Guardians, Logan, and Grandmother to Elizabeth, our heroine in “Keltor-The Guardian Archives.” Ratha is a powerful and secretive being that is a complete mystery...until now. She was already destined to be one of the most powerful Mortals to ever walk the earth. And she was happy in her life of servitude, teaching the less powerful, protecting them from unknowing Mortals that would kill them rather than see their gifts for what they are.

Then HE comes along and promises that her destiny is so much more, if she can believe in the ridiculous tales that he tells her. If she could just trust him, she could be immortal. She could live longer than any Mortal should and take her part in wiping out the threats to their race. The problem with that? She's got to hand over her soul, or at least a part of it, for now. Her world is almost instantly turned upside down at the first sight of his golden, unnatural eyes and the tattoos that shimmer as if alive.

Daleigh- A powerful prince, cast out and trapped on our isolated planet, relentlessly fighting the demons that roam here. He exists to one end alone, to kill, until his seer sees a fate with a Mortal sorceress that could change everything in both their worlds. Greedily, he runs for it, wanting nothing more than to return back where he belongs. But nothing is without cost, and even if all the stars align perfectly, he knows it will not be easy to steal this female's heart, just to rip it out again. Karma is a universal law, but one he's willing to break if it means leaving this God-forsaken planet.

Seeing her for the first time, he realizes that he's no longer the commander of his fate, but a pawn. From the first words of dismissal from her mouth, he sees her as more than just a means to an end. She would be a challenge; a worthy female to end the hell he had lived here since arriving.

His light is fading from within. The markings of his kingdom were quickly losing luster on his skin; a direct result of the limited time he has to sway her. A direct result of this world stealing his light, his life. Will he be able to convince her of this plot to return home or will he find home the arms of a petite yet deadly Mortal?

Two worlds are about to collide in an epic, erotic tale of love that defied all the laws of all the worlds.

Book 3: Dante-Part 1

**Disclaimer** There are extreme examples of sadistic behavior in this book that could be triggers for some who have suffered from domestic violence. There is also extreme language and sexual content that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.**

Dante, the second-eldest Guardian of the White and an Immortal, has spent more than a thousand years destroying the Demons and Shadows that walk among us. After so many years of fighting, he has lost his compassion for humans and only finds pleasure in his art, his lovers, and killing Demons. The only love he knows is for himself and his native Italy. Until he meets her, his ancient soul had not known what it means to truly love someone greater than himself.

Giovanna is a Mortal Artist who ran from the evil that lurked in the darkest recesses of her husband’s soul. In spite of the nightmares that plague her, she finally embraces her new life in Italy. All she wants is to live a quiet life and create her art, but then she meets him—a man who could change everything. Now, everything she thought she knew about herself is changing, including the shadows that linger in her eyes and the stain on her heart she believed was permanent.

Zaqar, a lost soul that has had everything taken from him is about to emerge from the shadows. Sanity has fled this celestial being and he will take back what was taken from him so very long ago. Blood rims his once clear eyes and flows freely as he enacts his revenge.

The Prince was here in the beginning and will be here until the end of days, his motives that began in purity have taken an entirely different turn. He and his Fated One have altered the course of history, and this world.

You know nothing about the beings that surround you and their history. But you’re about to.

Want to know more? She can be found at:

Website: **Sign up for free, pre-published and unpublished work exclusive to newsletter fans!!**
Twitter: @jennifer_sage

Reading Order of Published Work:

Immortal Realms Series:
Immortal Dreams (scheduled for re-release 9/2015)
Immortal Bound (scheduled for re-release 10/2015)

The Guardian Archives
Ratha-The Magic Within
Dante-Part 1
Dante-Part 2 (coming 8/2015)

Sexual Tendencies-An Erotic Anthology

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