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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Book Review: Requisite Vices By Miranda Veil.

Requisite Vices:

Fleeing from a tumultuous past in NYC, budding journalist Cassandra Roman finds herself in a laid-back town on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, where a twist of fate drowns her in the charms of prominent, upcoming author, Alexander Delacroix.

With honeyed words and a firm hand, he sparks the dark, deep-seated fantasies that Cass tries so hard to control. Beneath his gaze, she's laid bare, with the demons of her past ripping away a false fa├žade as she struggles to fabricate her perfect life.

Fighting against the tortures of her own mind, will Cassandra be able to find peace and solace to pursue the normal life she so badly desires? Or will she cave to her demons, and fall into the impassioned insanity held by Alexander Delacroix?

Requisite Vices is an erotica unlike many others. It touches on the deep, dark desires of sex, addiction, obsession, and betrayal that will have you questioning what is real, and what is fantasy.

Requisite Vices contains F/F,M/F, BDSM elements, and various explicit activities. It is intended for mature audiences only.


This was great for a debut novel. The amount of description used throughout the book allowed you to really get a feel for life in New Orleans and in Louisiana. I loved the complex nature of Cass, and her hot and cold relationship with Alex. I will say I wish there was a little more dialogue mixed in, and to see more of some of the characters that briefly came and went in the story such as Anne or Cass's mother. The book was well written, but it needs a little touching up with punctuation. The sex scenes were intense and thought they helped define Cass's personality.

About the Author:

Miranda Sophia Veil was born in a small, secluded town bordering the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. She was raised alongside an older brother, by a single mother who sheltered her from the world. Throughout her childhood, and well into adulthood, she remained a quiet, reserved woman. At least, on the outside.

Miranda found herself to have an incredibly active imagination, and began writing during her freshman year of high school, when curiosity drove her to enroll in a Creative Writing course. She always held an interest in writing, and had been an avid reader since elementary school, so surely this class was the next logical step. The instructor encouraged 'out of the box' thinking, and Miranda was more than happy to rise to the challenge.

Throughout high school and college, her short stories and poems were highlighted in the school newspapers, and praised by instructors who built up her confidence, often telling her to "Never give up. Keep writing, because if you stop, you'll never forgive yourself."

She took those words to heart, and years later, began writing her debut novel, Requisite Vices, which twisted reality, fantasy, and sex. Due to the often taboo nature of sex in our culture, it served as the perfect medium for a dark erotica that delves into the mind of it's main character.

In her free time, which there is very little of, she enjoys writing and reading anything and everything she can get her hands on. She is a single parent to a wonderful little girl, who is also a reader and budding writer in her own right.

Together, Miranda and her daughter live with two cats; a Maine Coon named Melody, and a long-hair named Snowball, who have become an integral part of their family.

Miranda can be reached through this page, or any of the following...

Twitter: @MirandaSVeil

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