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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Promo Tour Day 4: For Love or Honor by Melanie Macek

About the Author:

Melanie Macek is a transplanted Californian desert rat living in Texas. She and her husband are owned by two Bombay cats - Murphy (Smurph) and Charlie (Midget). Luckily her husband shares her love of travel and they are slowly checking off destinations. Many vacations have turned into story ideas. Vacation ideas are welcome!

After trying her hand at poetry, song writing, and short stories, she started writing her first novel after the death of her mother. The urge to commit words to paper became undeniable, though life and work frequently put it on the back burner. It took 14 years to complete that first novel and another 4 to edit and fine tune it enough to release. Melanie currently writes contemporary romance but would love to eventually write historical romances. Her love of history does show up somewhat in her contemporary novels, so keep an eye out for tiny tidbits of trivia.

You can contact Melanie at or read her blog at

For Love or Honor:

Ellsbeth Greene is working to keep her small family whole after the death of her mother. With her father working at the wharves, Ellsbeth is left to deal with the British garrison occupying Newport and with running their small homestead on the edge of town. The garrison commander has taken a liking to the young woman, which could not only threaten her family, but her safety as well.

Henry Bixby is a first generation Colonial raised in Boston. His unit is one of many stationed on Rhode Island in the town of Newport. Ellsbeth is the one bright spot in his life as a military officer. The British response to the American rebels fight for independence has left Henry disillusioned with King and Country. Is a chance at love worth turning his back on everything he was raised to believe?



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