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Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Promo Tour Day 11: Cathy Jackson


About the author

In March of 2013, I began writing and penned 12 novels in the next 12 months.
June of 2014, I published my first novel, As You Wish, wanting to create something beautiful out of brokenness. I think so far I have succeeded.
November of 2014 has seen the publication of Bloom (Book 1 of the Bloom Series), a novel about hanging on during a storm of life. I love the characters, John Westerling and Phoenix! You will too!!
February 28, 2015 my third book, a novella, Blossom (Book 2 of the Bloom Series), went into publication. This is the continuing adventure of John & Westerling. Love this story!!
May 30, 2015 saw the release of my fourth novel, Broken (Book 3 of the Bloom Series). The story of Evelyn Miller and Jonathon Westerling is crazy, fun!! So good!
August 29, 2015 the tale of Jonathon Westerling and Evelyn Miller continues with Bound (Book 4 of the Bloom Series). This one is going to be a whirlwind, edge of your seat drama that will leave you reeling!!
It is my goal as an Author to write scenes that uplift and encourage along with making one feel the experience. 


My name is Phoenix Swartz. I am trapped in a nightmare marriage of fear and abuse and cannot escape my tyrant husband. Charles Swartz was abusive and demanding. He ruled my life with a leather strap and harsh words. The physical and mental abuse I suffered at his hands made me hate and fear him.
Death would be the only thing that could release me from our marriage.
I've met a man named John Westerling. He is not what I've learned to expect from men. He is caring, thoughtful, encouraging, and dotes on his only daughter. He treats me as his equal and his encouragement builds me up. His displays of patience and love to everyone around draws my heart to him.
Can the love we are finding together stand against a woman from his past who threatens to tear us apart and destroy all that we are working to achieve? Will I be able to trust again after being married to a tyrant?

Amazon Author Page:
Tumblr: cathyjackson6
Instagram: cjredhotness
Twitter: godscj


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