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Friday, August 28, 2015

Book Review: Unintended By Justine Alley Dowsett & Murandy Damodred

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Unintended by Justine Alley Dowsett & Murandy Damodred

About Unintended:

Four people. Four very different lives. Four tales interwoven.

Meet Kenzie en Shareed, the High Clan Chief’s daughter who is sent south to fulfill a treaty by marriage only to marry the wrong man; Kadrean Authier, the Crown Prince who must come to terms with his new bride, even if he doesn’t much like the idea; Garron D’Arbonne, a noble Lord who has been commanded to marry a cool and aloof princess he doesn’t love; and Vivianne Chappelle, a young and ambitious woman who is in love with her abusive father’s manservant and must find a way to avoid having her entire future decided for her.

Fate and wills collide in this Shakespearian-style romantic comedy about good intentions and their unintentional consequences.

Book Details:

Title: Unintended

Author Name:  Justine Alley Dowsett and Murandy Damodred

Genre(s): Fantasy Romance, Romantic Comedy

Tags: Fantasy, romance, comedy, Shakespearian-style, romantic comedy.

Length: Approx. 440 pages

E-book:  978-1-987976-08-3
Paperback:  978-1-987976-07-6

Release Date: August 17, 2015

Publisher: Mirror World Publishing

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Meet the Authors:

Murandy Damodred (left) & Justine Alley Dowsett (right):

With a background in Drama and Communications from the University of Windsor, Murandy Damodred (left) enjoys fantasy fiction with strong romantic subplots. She is an avid roleplayer and is happiest when living vicariously through her characters. Though she’d rather think of herself as the heroine of her next novel, in the real world she is an expert in sales and management living in Windsor, Ontario.

From obtaining a BA in Drama at the University of Windsor to becoming an entrepreneur in video game production and later, publishing, Justine Alley Dowsett’s unswerving ambition has always led her to pursue her dreams. Today she lives in Windsor, Ontario and is still writing and publishing fiction novels. When not focusing on growing her business, she enjoys role-playing with friends and developing new ideas to write about.

I thought this book had a well defined plot and interesting characters. I liked that there were four stories to choose from. However, I felt the length of the book was a bit long. Although this genre was not in line with the typical books I read, I feel there will be many that will absolutely love the book.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Book Blitz: Conversations With Mother Goddess By Natalie Kawai

Natalie Kawai is a Spiritual Teacher and Guide. Born on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, she now lives in Hawaii. Clairaudient from birth, she has always been haunted by the mysteries of life, why we are here, and our role in the universe.

Moved by her intense desire always to go deeper in understanding the whys of the whys, she found the voice of the Great Mother of Creation twelve years ago. Since then, she has studied relentlessly with the Supreme Being in a constant and intense dialogue. This practice led her to understand why a gulf still exists between our divinity and our humanity. Under the Great Mother of Creation’s guidance, she founded LST™—Light Speed Transmutation—a radical system to restore our lost consciousness and drive out the last part of our ego.



Buried in our soul forever, there is a piece of us that has not as yet been activated. That piece is the lost consciousness, the missing link guiding us to wholeness. As human beings, we have sought wholeness and connection with each other in the best way we know how by mimicking and emulating Source as we understand it.

Unfortunately, we cannot find wholeness because we have been missing part of who we are. As a New Era dawns for humanity, we now have to complete the process by gaining the consciousness we lost when we first incarnated at the beginning of time.

Natalie Kawai has found the key to completing that process. In Conversations With Mother Goddess, she shares what she has learned through her dialogues with the Great Mother of Creation. Part explanation of humanity’s origins, and part conversation about how humanity can move into a new and complete future, this book will bend your mind in new and surprising ways, preparing it for the next step in your soul’s evolution.

Discover the part of you that you have always been yearning for, but never knew how to find. Join others in this exciting journey to restore harmony, creativity, and peace in all of us. Then prepare yourself to help bring about Heaven on Earth! It will happen if we all make the effort….

Grab your copy of the book today!

Snippet Time!

"Guilt replaces the Mother or emotional side of creation. There is a huge amount of it to signal to the Spirit that He pushed against the Self. When the guilt is launched into the Spirit or Father side of Creation, we are hit by it as well, and take it all in. So we are imbued with guilt right from the beginning. It is the first emotion we feel after the burst, even before the intense fear of separation and being apart from the One. We start our journey feeling guilty.
The guilt is very archaic. It has been built in for eons. The story of our creation is very ancient and so are our patterns. We lived with them for ages, so it will take a bit of time to extricate all this material. It is not possible to remove all the guilt we carry in one shotit would literally kill us. The unraveling of this impeding threading out of our soul is the most fascinating adventure one can ever take. One regains super-consciousness with total and pure power, creativity, clarity, and intelligence. Once in that state of total being-ness, one is truly back into the power of Source, having taken ones place in the real estate of Source and playing along with the big Ones."


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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Book Review: Dangerous Concoctions By Victoria Bright

About the Author:

A North Carolina native, Victoria Bright currently resides in Lillington, NC. You can usually find her hoarding bottles of Cool Blue Gatorade, playing The Sims when not writing, or obsessing over Camaros.

Mixing the past and present could have dangerous consequences…

I’ve always been a man of second chances, forgiving Arianna proved that. Sometimes, a second opportunity was all someone needed to do things right. I knew that better than anyone. Now that I had my girl back and business was prospering, things were finally falling into place. Little did I know, my newfound happiness wouldn’t last very long.
When a man responsible for my near demise resurfaces, my life is shaken up once again. What seemed like an innocent, harmless favor quickly turned out to be a malicious scheme that put my business, relationship, and freedom at risk.

With time running out, I race around the city piecing together the complicated puzzle I was a part of, only to come face to face with the men responsible. In this erotic suspense, will my past repeat itself in order to settle a score or am I doomed to take the fall for something I didn’t do?




I expected this book to pick up where The Daring Assignment left off, but was surprised it was taken from Zane's point of view. It was refreshing to see things from his eyes. To see Arianna through his eyes and to feel the pain he was going through.

I did feel that part of the book was a little predictable, but watching it unfold with the general relationship between Zane and Arianna made me want to read it that much more. There was a nice twist to the book (that obviously I will not divulge). This was a great follow up book that was very detailed and hot scenes that you won't forget.

Get your copy of Dangerous Concoctions (the 2nd book in the Curvy Assignments Novel)