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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Book Review: Grimly Jane By Elle Alexander

About the Author
Elle Alexander is a book hoarder, a reader, a slayer of
jabberwockys and a woman with a highly active
imagination. Having released Grimly Jane and Spanelli,
she is hard at work on book two of the
Grimly Jane
trilogy. She lives in Detroit, Michigan.


Jane Worthington is an orphan who has been cruelly treated by everyone at The Rudorf Home For Foundlings, a looming orphanage that sits behind a twisting iron gate in Ghastly Hollow. When one day she is locked away as usual, she discovers a secret door to another world. Crawling through it, she begins a mysterious and exciting journey that will change her life forever.


Grimly Jane starts off with a wicked fairy tale feel in the prologue which had me intrigued. When the first chapter opened up with a girl searching for her parents, it becomes apparent that something tragic has happened. Her life has a series of unfortunate events that tell the tale of Jane's time at the Rudorf Home for Foundlings.

I thought the book itself was really well written. Although it is mainly geared towards kids in late elementary or middle schools, I found it amusing and could still hold my attention as well.

  Grimly Jane has been distributed to many fine retailers  
I  Including:
• Barnes and
You can also find it at The Detroit Public Library
and many Indie bookshops.

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