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Friday, August 7, 2015

Book Review: Catalyst of Providence By CJ Klein

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In book one of the Schwarzschild Radius: An accident places Craig in a position to prove a theory others have a hard time believing. He chooses to bear all the consequences for the one chance to pull the curtain on what most think utterly impossible while in his mind he has an opportunity to clean up a few wrongs along the way.

Natasha takes her position seriously, which leaves her torn when faced with facts and issues surrounding her once close friend. A friend she now hunts, causing her to question the reality around her as it seems to change in a blink of an eye.

When the truth is revealed and a juxtaposition to the reality most people know happens, what do they do? How far will they go to unveil a spectacular reality? A reality that essentially if you believe in, could cost you everything.


Sci-Fi is a genre that I am not too familiar with. When I was younger I watched several shows that were considered Sci-Fi or had Sci-Fi elements to it. As I got older my taste in shows changed. Since then, I have not been drawn back to that genre until now. I was confused in the beginning and took me a little while to really sink my teeth into it, but was worth the wait. I was sucked into the book and eventually couldn't put it down.

This was a well written book with great character depth and plot. It definitely had an X-Files type of feel to it, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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