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Friday, March 31, 2017

Detective Thornton Series Book 2

TITLE: Manhunt (Detective Thornton Series, Book 2)
AUTHOR: Andrew Hess
RELEASE DATE: March 29, 2017
GENRE: Thriller & Suspense | Mystery & Suspense | Romantic Suspense
COVER DESIGNER: Stephanie Littlefield| Trident Book Promotions
COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew HessTrident Book Promotions


A weekend filled with promise, turned into a weekend of murder. With the prime suspect being the lead investigator’s girlfriend, Detective James Thornton must discover a way to find Alexa Wright and prove her innocence while sitting on the sidelines. With no other option, Thornton must turn to the only person who knows the truth…his ex. A love returned…A love on the run…and a detective caught in the middle.

Time is running out…Desperation has overwhelmed Thornton, but how much is he willing to risk?

The hunt is on!



Deadly Games (Detective Thorne Series, Book 1)


Detective James Thornton has always had a way with women. Some say he’s a player. Others call him a man whore. But he’s mostly known as the best detective the Dutchess County P.D. has. For years he swore off relationships, fearing his career would put them in danger. That all changed the moment he met Alexa. In one night, she won him over, but in one weekend his world will shatter.




Andrew Hess, New York’s King of Cliffhangers, found his love of writing while studying psychology at SUNY New Paltz. His debut book, Chamber of Souls (2011), depicted the life of a broken man wallowing in self pity. Using free verse poetry, he brought his character to life while journeying to find himself.

Hess picked up his first cliffhanger credit in 2013 with The Phoenix Blade Series (winner of Best Series Award in 2014 by Indie Author Books). The Phoenix Blade showcased a group of vigilante 20 year olds hired by the government to rid the country of the men and women who have evaded justice. 

Hess continued his route down the path of mystery and suspense with the Detective Ryan Series, the Detective Thornton Series, and #1 Fan, which earned him the moniker King of Cliffhangers by several readers including the Fire & Ice Book Reviews.

Andrew won Indie Author Books: Best Mystery Thriller Author (2015), and Indie Author Books Series of the Year (2014) for The Phoenix Blade.

Andrew has been nominated for Best Male Author, Best Mystery Suspense Author, Book of the Year, and Best Mystery Book (2015) for Campus Killer By Wickedly Devine Divas, The Three Bookateers, & SNSBAH Promotions.

He was also nominated for Book of the year, and Best Mystery Book of 2015 for Campus Killer.

In 2016, he was nominated for the Summer Indie Awards in the Contemporary (#1 Fan), Crime (Conviction, and Deadly Games), Mystery (Campus Killer, Scorned, and Conviction), Romance (#1 Fan), and Anthology (Detours in Our Destinations).

Hess is also an avid blogger at The Writers Revolution ( and Between the Coverz ( where he promotes and interviews other authors, as well as reviewing books of all genres.


Grandma's Wedding Quilts Day 5

Kate Cambridge is an emerging author of Sweet Historical Romance and Sweet Contemporary Romance. She is a hopeless romantic, strong supporter of women's rights, and loves to create stories that inspire, and characters who seem real long after "The End."

Visit for more information, or to join the Choice Readers group for special launch-day pricing, contest, and more. Be one of the first to know what happens next...

Kate loves to connect with readers!

Connect with the Author here: 
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Monica has to leave home, fast. Her parents are planning to marry her off and although all her friends are marrying, that is definitely not what she wants. She’s seventeen, an amateur sleuth, and sees no reason why she can’t join the ranks of the local lawman, or even become a Texas Ranger, should she choose! 

What will happen when she visits her best friend in Texas, only to find herself face-to-face with a handsome Texas Ranger, and knee-deep in territory she has no idea how to navigate?


~ Amazon ~ Amazon UK

Q&A With The Author

1, Describe yourself in 50 words or less.

I’ve been writing since I was in middle school, and still love it best. My friends tell me I talk about my characters and stories as though they were real - because to me they are! I’m an organic gal, animal lover, nature lover, and passionate about my faith and family.
2. What do you love most in the world?  My family.
3. What do you fear most?  Dishonest people
4. What is your largest unfulfilled dream, and what are you doing to reach it?
I want to hit six figures this year with my writing for a variety of reasons: more time with my husband, the opportunity to give more, and eventually I want to open a refuge for homeless and abused dogs. I’m writing and publishing in this pen and two others to reach this goal in 2017!
5. What is the hardest thing you've ever done?
Honestly? Watch my dad die. He had lung cancer and my mom, sisters and I were all around him when he took his final breath on this earth. It was incredibly difficult, and the memory still is; I’m grateful he is no longer suffering.
6. Now that we've gotten to know each other, tell me a story. It can be long or short. From your childhood or last week. Funny, sad, or somewhere in between. Just make sure it's yours. What's your story?

I had just graduated from high school and my parents and sisters were away for the night. My dad was an assistant pastor in our church, and we lived across the street from the parsonage and main church, in “parsonage 2”. After returning home from work I turned the television on to watch the news when the phone rang. It was a friend calling to let me know that “Bob” (a man in our town who was not well mentally, and that is not his real name) had told several people on the street that he was going to kill six people that night. No sooner had we hung up the phone there was a knock at the door. I walked over and opened it, assuming it was a friend or someone from the church— but instead BOB was standing at the door. My heart jumped into my throat and I froze. My immediate thought was, “This is it, I’m one of the six.” But when he opened his mouth he simply asked to speak to my dad, and of course, I didn’t want to tell him he was away for the night, so I told Bob he wasn’t home. He asked when he would be and I told him I didn’t know exactly when he would be back. I closed the door, locked it, and raced to the phone to call our pastor. They invited me to their house to spend the night, and called the police, who explained that they were aware of the situation but unless he threatened a specific person, there was nothing they could do. (Which made absolutely no sense to me, but that’s the way it was.)  The next day my parents came home, and to my knowledge, he didn’t kill anyone— at least not that night.

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Grandma's Wedding Quilts Day 4

Amelia C. Adams has lived many lifetimes, and is currently enjoying this stretch as the author of sweet and clean Western romance. She is the author of the Kansas Crossroads series, the Nurses of New York series, and contributed two books to the American Mail-Order Brides series - with ideas for many more. You can learn more about her and her books on her website 

Connect with the Author here: 
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The summer Meredith turned eighteen was filled with romance and laughter - two young men sought her hand, and she chose the one she thought would make her the happiest. He certainly was the most handsome, and the wealthiest, and could offer her the most pleasant life. But that turned out to be a mistake . . . one she would regret for a very long time.

In a strange twist of fate, now she's being given a chance to set things right. Will she be able to live down her past, or will her foolishness keep coming back to haunt her and keep her from ever being happy with the man she loves?

~ Amazon ~ Amazon UK


Meredith had never been so busy in her life as she was for the next three days. Mrs. Crosby and Cissie both came over to help sew the wedding dress Meredith had insisted she didn’t need, and Cissie’s mother fell right to work baking refreshments. Meredith was grateful for all the help—she knew her friends and neighbors cared enough to give her the very best sendoff they could, and that meant everything to her.
There was one thing she couldn’t delegate, however—one thing she would do herself, no matter how much it hurt.
She waited along the road for Luke to walk home from work. He was late enough that she wondered if maybe he had taken a different route or was working for a different farmer that day, but at long last, she saw him. He usually quickened his pace when he saw her, but this time, he didn’t change speed at all.
“Hello,” she said when he finally drew near. “You look tired. Long day?”
“Pretty long. Biggest problem was a cow that wouldn’t budge from the spot where we needed to dig. Spent about twenty minutes pushing on her behind, and let me tell you, pushing on a cow behind is hard work.”
Meredith smiled. “Come for a walk to the bridge with me.”
It wasn’t a long walk, and they were soon seated side by side. This time, Meredith did pull off her shoes and stockings and dangled her feet in the water. It might be quite a while before she had a chance to do something like this again, and she wanted to enjoy it.
“Word spreads quickly around here, and I imagine you’ve already heard,” she said.
“Yep.” Luke picked up a stick that had been tossed on the bridge and used it to make swirls in the water. 
“I had to break away and talk to you myself,” she went on. “I needed . . . I needed to make sure . . .”
Luke reached out and caught her hand. “It’s all right, Meredith. We both knew this was going to happen, and I’ve had a chance to come to terms with it. I want you to be happy, and if this makes you happy, who am I to say anything different?”
He’d already told her this before, but now that that moment was actually upon them, it was so good to hear it again and know that his feelings hadn’t changed, that he was still eager to see her find joy. “Thank you,” she said, giving his hand a squeeze. “I can’t tell you how much that means. If I’d lost your friendship, this wouldn’t be a happy occasion for me.”

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Grandma's Wedding Quilts Day 3

I am a stay at home mom, who loves to read and write clean historical romance. I enjoy thinking back to a simpler time, a time when men and women were true heroes. I also believe that a good romance can be told without needing to know all of the details;)

All of my stories will tell of people who find true love, and who find their happy ever after. Sometimes the road might be rocky, but that makes it all worthwhile!

Connect with the Author here: 
Website ~ Facebook ~ 
Amazon ~ Twitter ~

Kay also has a fun FB group just for fans - you have to request to join, so send your request to

Join us for some fun discussions, great contests and special offers just for fans of Kay P. Dawson.

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Cora left England for a new life in America as a mail order bride - only to find the man she’s come to marry has been killed in a gunfight. She has a sister in Kansas, but how can she get there?

Jesse needs this job driving cattle to Kansas so he can marry the woman who’s given him an ultimatum - buy land and settle down, or she’ll marry someone who will.

But, his cook’s been killed in the same gunfight, leaving him without anyone to drive the chuckwagon. His right hand man, an old cowboy with a soft heart, has a solution for both Cora and Jesse - one he might not like.

Dressed as a boy, Cora heads off with a team of cowboys, led by a man who isn’t happy about her being there. Kansas is a long way away…and a lot can happen before they get there.

~ Amazon ~ Amazon UK

10 top favorite things:

1.     My kids
2.      Coffee
3.      Snow days & Netflix
4.      Camping
5.      My dogs curled up beside me at night
6.      Family gatherings
7.      Being able to earn a living doing something I love
8.      Reading
9.      The smell of fresh rain

10.   Driving down back roads with nowhere to go

Character Casting:

Jesse Atwell – Orlando Bloom
Cora Murphy - Rachel McAdams

Shorty Sanders – Sam Elliot (Of course!)

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Grandma's Wedding Quilts Day 2

Zina Abbott is the pen name used by Robyn Echols for her historical romances. Robyn currently lives with her husband in California, USA, near the “Gateway to Yosemite.” 

She is a member of Women Writing the West, and American Night Writers Association. She enjoys any kind of history including family history. 

When she is not piecing together novel plots, she pieces together quilt blocks.

Connect with the Author here: 

Running from hostile Indians attacking Salina, Kansas in 1862, feisty Kizzie Atwell, Grandma Mary’s oldest grandchild, runs into freighter Leander Jones traveling the Smoky Hill Trail. He is as interested in her as his stallion is in her mare. The two join forces to prevent the Fort Riley Army captain from requisitioning their beloved horses for the cavalry. Avoiding bushwhackers and fighting off a thieving bullwhacker binds their bargain.

In 1865, at the victory dance held at Fort Riley to celebrate the end of the Civil War, Kizzie is asked to participate in a fund-raiser to aid the Sanitary Commission helping injured and sick soldiers. It involves chaste sweetheart kisses in exchange for tickets purchased by officers and guests. As a contract freighter for the Army, Leander is invited. Much to Leander’s chagrin, before his chance to claim his kiss, Kizzie’s uncle steps in and puts an end to the kissing game.

Is Leander out of luck, or will the bargain Kizzie and Leander made three years earlier to save their horses lead to a more romantic bargain sealed with a kiss?

~ Amazon ~  Amazon UK

Snippet #3

      “But, you’re Indian. You’re at least part Indian, aren’t you?”
          “My mother was Kaw. Some call us Kansa Indians.” The man smiled again and a teasing tone crept into his voice. “We’re one of the tame tribes. My name is Charlie Gray Cloud, miss. Mr. Jones and I have known each other a long time.”
          Leander Jones turned to give Charlie a puzzled look. The Kaw man just stared back, almost as if his eyes were warning Leander about something. Leander returned the look and spoke slowly. “Charlie is our scout for the trip, miss. I trust him with my life.”
          These two might trust each other, but Kizzie wasn’t sure she could trust either one of them. “I’m overjoyed you’re reunited and happy to see each other. Now, please let go of my horse. I need to go.”
          Kizzie tried to pull away, but Leander held the reins tight. “First tell us what you know about the Indians.”

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