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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Toi Thomas Interview Part 3

Welcome everyone to another great week of the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  This week we have a fun and insightful guest that loves to write Sci-Fi, Paranormal and Fantasy books.

It's time to have a little fun.

If you could only bring three items with you to a deserted island (non-writing items or people) what would they be and why?

I’d bring a book on edible and medicinal plants, a pair of reading glasses (also good for starting fires), and a tarp.

Those are interesting items to bring.  At least they would be useful to curing boredom and survival. 

The world is going to end tomorrow.  How do you live out your remaining time?

I’d like to be with my family, but it’s really big. If nothing else, I at least want to be with my husband, sharing a bowl of our favorite Indian dish with Nann, talking about all the fun times we’ve had.

Someone wants to make a movie based on your life.  Who would you pick to play you?

I have no idea. I can’t think of anyone that reminds me of myself as far as personality, but if they are a good actress that shouldn’t be an issue. As far as looks go, that another issue. I’ve told I look like any number of black actresses depending on how popular they are at the time (Nia Long, Janet Jackson, etc…), but since they are all getting older and so am I; I guess it would have to be a newcomer.

Alive or dead, who is the one person you would want to interview and why?

The answer to this question changes depending on the mood I’m in, but for now I’d have to say my great grandmother. She probably has a unique perspective on life as black women that would blow my mind.

Not many people would pick family because they feel more inclined to focus on the celebrity possibilities rather than pick someone right under their nose.  I think it’s very sweet you would pick your great grandmother.

Okay, crystal ball time.  Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

I can’t predict the future well, but I hope I’m still writing and maybe even doing it fulltime. I know I’ll be living somewhere different than where I am now and that I’ll still be making time to be with my family. Since no children are in my future, by choice, I’ll be spoiling my nieces and nephews as they head off to college and the work force. I just pray that things in the U.S. improve so I don’t have to worry so much their futures.

Spoiling nieces and nephews are always fun. 

Any questions you would like to ask me?

As a writer, what gives you a sense of purpose or accomplishment?

My purpose is a lot different than my sense of accomplishment.  My purpose has been to express my feelings and create something that grabs readers’ attention and be different than other books or screen plays that are on the market.  My purpose has also been to help and inspire writers to find their way along this great path of writing and encourage them to continue following their passion.  My sense of accomplishment is always found in anything I complete; a series, a book, a chapter, a paragraph, even a sentence that can pull everything together.

Any final words for our readers?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into my life and work and hope you encounter more of my work down the road. Whatever you do, keep reading; give the written word the power it deserves.

Where can we find you?

Eternal Curse Series Blog, (with accompanying ToiBox Blog), Toi Thomas Facebook Fan Page, Eternal Curse Series Facebook Fan Page, Toinette “Toi” Thomas Google+ Page,GoodReads Author Profile, Pinterest Profile,LinkedIn Profile, Youtube Channel, Amazon Author Central Page

Make sure you pickup your copy of the Eternal Curse Giovanni's Angel; available now on

And visit the Eternal Curse Series Blog:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My interview on Writers with Books

Welcome everyone to another great week of the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  Tonight I come to you from my virtual book tour; where I was just interviewed on Writers With Books.  Stop by their website to follow the tour.

Interview with Andrew Hess, author of The Pheonix Blade

AG:  Hello, I would like to know a little more about you. When did you start writing short stories?

AH: I started writing when I was in fifth grade.  I was in the Creative Writing Club and came up with unique interesting stories about super heros.  Unfortunately It ended for several years until I started college.  I wanted to write about how I pictured my life.  After a few years of writing, I stumbled into my first novel idea.

AG: Should writers belong to Writers’ Forums?

AH: I think writers should definitely belong to Writers' Forums.  I've connected with several other writers since joining various groups.  They helped me prepare for my first book signing, answer questions relating to the use of real names of cars, buildings, or towns, and also tips on the use of social media to promote your work.

AG: What do you think of literary agents and book publishers? Are they worth the wait or is it all about “presentation and brief but convincing details”

AH: I think literary agents and book publishers are helpful, but they are over populated with query submissions that they overlook writers that can potentially become a best seller.  I think writers have a better chance at gaining recognition for their work and can build an audience with self publishing which can eventually lead to getting a literary agent.

AG: I really like the title and also the book cover. It makes me think that problems will be solved. Where does this inspiration come from?

AH: I've always had a fascination with the symbol of a Phoenix.  To me it represents life.  There is always things that can bring you down and keep you from what you want, but you can rise up out of the ashes and break away from the negatives in your life.  I truly believe that having faith (spirtual and in yourself) can help overcome any obstacle. 

AG:  Some famous writers say that it is better to read other genres when trying to get creative, what is your opinion on that?

AH: I think that's true for the most part.  I've branched out between fantasy, mystery, and thrillers when reading and has impacted some of my creativity.  I feel reading different genres can provide a baseline of story ideas. 

AG: Who inspires you - in every sense of the word?

AH: There's a lot that inspires me.  My fiance' and my parents have been the biggest inspiration because they've had the most faith in me and my writing.  They've been with me every step of the way; encouraging me to keep writing and pushing hard to get where I am.  They always remind me that I can only fail if I give up.  Everything else is a success.
Thank you for your time
Adriana LG

Toi Thomas Interview Part 2

Welcome everyone to another great week of the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  This week we have a fun and insightful guest that loves to write Sci-Fi, Paranormal and Fantasy books.

Tell me about your blog

I have two active blogs at the moment:

Eternal Curse Series: This blog is mostly dedicated to featuring tidbits about my Eternal Curse Series, but I also guest host authors and bloggers and do author interviews. There is also a bit of geek culture highlighted on this blog. #cursescanbebroken

ToiBox: This blog is dedicated to discussing and breaking down my writing processes, offering sample of my writing, and talking about my works in progress. I also post partial guest posts and interviews from my other blog here. #thetoiboxofwords

How long have you been blogging for?

I’ve been blogging for almost as long as I’ve been pursuing publication, about three years now.

What inspired you to write your blog?

The first blog I wrote was a challenge I wrote just for myself to see if I could do it. It was a way for me to further develop the story I was working on while giving me a prompt to write daily for 40 days straight about that story.

Tell us what your thought process was the first time you interviewed an author.

The first time I interviewed an author it was purely a learning process. I wanted to see if I could do it and do it well. I wanted to prove myself as a professional and provide the author with a final product that they felt was worth telling others about. I was nervous, but it was fun.

Do you have any authors that you interviewed that stick out in your mind as a memorable interview?

There are several that stick out in my mind; some because they were so fun and some because they were not. Sometimes as an interviewer, depending on what your motive is, you find that you have to try really hard to make your interviewee sound more interesting than they really are. Not all people have super dynamic personalities and that’s okay.

Where would you like to see the blog go from here?

I kind of like my blogs where they are now, but of course I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a bunch more followers. I like being able to use these outlets to promote, not only myself, but others as well. We live in visual world and I just can’t sit by and do nothing while reading becomes a novelty. I’m a big movie buff, I love music, and my husband loves video games, but we make reading a priority. I promote books and authors because I think authors should be just as important to the world of entertainment as music groups or movie stars

Join us tomorrow for part 3 of our interview with Toi Thomas

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Toi Thomas Interview Part 1

Welcome everyone to another great week of the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  This week we have a fun and insightful guest that loves to write Sci-Fi, Paranormal and Fantasy books.

Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Toi Thomas and I’m a big kid, though I do try not to be sometimes. My husband and I are best friends because no one understands our geekness the way we do. Aside from my love of writing and reading, I’m a bit of hobby hog. I enjoy cooking, painting, dancing, collecting, and nature- to an extent. I think most people look at me and see one thing while I’m usually something else entirely.

Those are a lot of hobbies.  So, what inspired you to write?  What type of genre do you write?

In many ways, I’ve been writing my whole life, but I only began to pursue writing as a possible career about three and half years ago. Writing has always been a creative stress release for me and I hope it stays that way. I don’t stick to any one specific genre other that fiction, but I mostly write fantasy, sci-fi, and paranormal intrigue. I’m slowly developing my own style of contemporary romance, but will not be dabbling in erotica.

Tell me about your book.

Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel is a fantasy tale set in the modern era, but has elements of a paranormal romance with a spiritual foundation, but this isn’t a book with a hidden message. In the world of Eternal Curse, readers learn about the coexistence of humans, angels, demons, and all those beings in between, but the first book is only an introduction into what the series has to offer.

Humans, angels, and demons co-existing together?  I couldn’t imagine a world like that. 

Tell us about the main character, what makes them unique and what makes them tick.

Giovanni is a loner and not by choice. He doesn’t look, act, or feel the way average people do. Plagued with gray skin and a few other oddities, Giovanni has lived most his life in near isolation. He’s a bit of a pessimist, but only because he doesn’t know any better, and definitely not because he wants to be. He just wants to be normal, but that just may not be possible.

Giovanni definitely sounds like he has a good story to tell; especially for being a loner but not by choice part.  I think readers would like to learn more.

What inspired you to write this book?

I had a dream that inspired the character of Giovanni and part of the story, but mostly I wrote it because at the time I was writing it, it was a great comfort to me. In many ways I think it reflects a sense of isolation I’ve felt and sometimes still feel, but of course this feeling is greatly exaggerated in the book.

Dreams have a way to take on a life of their own, and building a character or story from it makes them even more special.

What other books or blogs have you written?

I’ve written four blogs in total at this point. My Eternal Curse Series Blog and my ToiBox blogs are current works in progress with new articles posted weekly. My other two blogs were self-challenges I wrote to aid in the development of my Eternal Curse Series. While still available to anyone who can find it, 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse has now been turned into a FREE ebook companion guide for the first EC book. Eternal Curse: Battleground: A Survival Guide will soon be made into an ebook as well.

Were your other books self-published or traditionally published?

All my books have been self-published, but the first Eternal Curse book has been picked up by a publisher and is in re-development.  I’m currently working to release a collection of short stories from my early days of writing, which should be interesting since I wrote some of them when I had no intention of ever publishing them. Needless to say, I’m working very hard to make sure my collection doesn’t turn into some form of weird torture.

I think there’s a lot of short stories and poems out there that writers never intend on publishing.  I had that happen with my poetry and they became much more than just a poem.  They took on their own story.

Who is your greatest writing inspiration?

My greatest inspiration for writing is the act of storytelling itself. In the industry there are so many authors that have made the written form of storytelling seem so easy, fun, and exciting that I just want to be a part of that in some way. I’d say it all began with the tales of Neverland, Oz, The Thousand Acre Wood, and Narnia. 

Join us tomorrow for Part 2 of my interview with Toi Thomas and make sure you pick up a copy of Eternal Curse: Giovanni's Angel on

And also 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse

Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 5 Preview-Toi Thomas

Welcome everyone to another great week of the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  This week we have a fun and insightful guest that loves to write Sci-Fi, Paranormal and Fantasy books.

Toi Thomas has been writing for the last three years and has focused on her blogs; including her Eternal Curse Series.  While her focus has been on writing, Toi has remained a big kid at heart.  She has a wide range of hobbies; including cooking, painting, and collecting.

Author Profile:

Toinette "Toi" Thomas was born and raised in Texas where she learned to appreciate the grandeur of things in life. She was raise by her loving mother Navonia and her stepfather Dennis, along with her older sister Tori. Early in her life, Toi could understand and appreciate things that other kids her age couldn't. She understood that her family wasn't perfect, but that it was perfect for her.

Growing up, Toi was a bit of a tomboy, but was not without poise and grace. She loved to play outside, to build and break things, to dance and write, and to read. Some of her favorite books as a youngster were Horton Hears a Who, The Little Train that Could, and anything Curious George. Toi also studied dance as a child and began her love of cooking at the age of five. By the time she was in third grade, Toi could prepare a full hot breakfast on her own. It was also during these early years that her love of movies and music developed. She would scan the radio for hours trying to get a glimpse at all the different types of expression that traveled the airwaves. Her favorite movies growing up were The Wizard of Oz, The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and anything with Shirley Temple.

When Toi's family moved to Virginia, she was just eleven years old; soon, she would be a pre-teen and then a teenager. Toi always seemed to be very mature for her age and sometimes a little too serious to her peers, but when she wanted to, Toi could really be a lot of fun. She was known for her dancing skills whenever she would let loose at a party and as always, she was a great conversationalist, especially if the topic was movies, music, or TV.

During high school, Toi's literary interest began to expand. She started reading many classic stories such as the original stories and plays of Peter Pan, novels such as To Kill a Mocking Bird, many works of Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe. Also during her brief high school career, Toi ventured out and explored other interest as she worked towards an early graduation. She became involved in math and science related after school activities and took technology-based electives. She also began to feed an interest in foreign languages, taking Spanish courses and being involved in multicultural activities.
When it was time for Toi to go off to college, she and her mother managed to find an in-state school that was far enough away from home, for her to have the true college experience. She attended what is now called The University of Virginia's College at Wise. It was during this time at Uva-Wise that Toi met her future husband, Eric Thomas. As if the fact that they both had the same last name wasn't enough to bring the two together, their mutual love of food, music, comic books, and movies was. Though Toi and her husband shared many common interest, they were very much opposites, an attribute that made their union all the more special.

After seven years of marriage and a handful of career changes, Toi now works as a teacher's assistant in Virginia Beach. While Toi finds her job to be very rewarding, she never seems to let up on the other things she finds of interest in her life. Toi constantly bakes goodies and treats for friends and family, and takes the extra effort to assist with computer issues whenever she can. While Toi's love of movies will never fade, she also makes time to read a good book from time to time. Some of her more memorable recent reads include: Ender's Game, The Hunger Games Series, The Wicked Series, Night Circus, and The Gryphon Series.

It was in the fall of 2009 that Toi got the inspiration to write her first book. She was having a reoccurring dream about a gray man who wanted to be an angel. She began to write down bits and pieces of her dreams, whenever she could remember them. Soon Toi had pages and pages of notes that she decided to turn into a story. Her first novel is just one part of the whole story she plans to someday share with the world. Eternal Curse: Giovanni's Angel is Toi Thomas's d├ębut to the literary world.

Join us tomorrow as we begin our interview with Toi and learn more about her Eternal Curse series

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Book Tour updates

Since this week I am away on business, the series has been postponed until next week and will feature a very special guest, author and blogger Toinette Thomas.  But for now, I would like to invite you all to check out the highlights from the first leg of my virtual book tour and learn more about The Phoenix Blade

August 8th Guest Blog: Inspiration

August 12th Interview and Review

My Review:
I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased view of what I read.
The Phoenix Blade is definitely quite a ride!
This book starts out in what appears to be a hospital. Andrew (Drew) is obviously upset and confused, and is given something through IV to “calm” him. Next we are in his nightmare with him. This nightmare is based in fact, though. He is reliving the death of him mother. Was her death really an accident?
The prologue of this book is really quite clever. It took me a second to figure it out. When you read it, you’re not sure if it was all a dream or if he was really in a hospital room and given something to put him to sleep. Regardless, it sets an exciting pace that will keep you entertained all the way to the end.
His life changes when he gets a mysterious call from someone that calls himself the Benefactor. Who is he? What does he want? The author leads you into his world with a very well-developed plot.
Andrew is basically left with no choice but to do what the Benefactor wants. He will be given proof of crimes and expected to dispose of the guilty. His first task? Dealing with the one responsible for his mother’s death.
To avoid any spoilers, I’m going to leave the plot summary at this point. This book has a lot going on right beneath the surface, and it’s definitely one you will want to read for yourself. If you love conspiracy books, you are going to really enjoy this one! It’s creative, exciting, and an enjoyable read.

August 14th Guest Blog: 5 Things Writers should Know

August 19th Guest Blog: Expanding Themes

August 21st Interview

This is only the first couple weeks of the tour and many more to come.  Keep checking back for more Tour updates and remember to pickup your copy of the Phoenix Blade; now available on and Kindle.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elaine Cougler Interview Part 2

Welcome everyone to the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  Today we continue our interview with author Elaine Cougler

Okay, it’s time to have a little fun as we get to know you more.

If you could only bring three items with you to a deserted island (non-writing items or people) what would they be and why?

Suntan lotion for obvious reasons, my iPad because I’d have Internet and could get books, and a good pillow.

I think the iPad has been something a lot of people would bring, but I don’t think many would think to bring suntan lotion and a pillow.  Those would be handy to have as well.

The world is going to end tomorrow.  How do you live out your remaining time?

I tell my daughter and her family to get on a plane immediately and come home. With my son and his family, along with my wonderful husband, we have a family barbecue. We do all the preparing, cooking, and munching together, just enjoying each others’ company.  I read stories to them all, maybe even some I’ve written. We sing together and harmonize.

That’s very sweet and nice way to spend that time.  I think spending it with the ones you love is the most important thing.

Someone wants to make a movie based on your life.  Who would you pick to play you?

I would pick a cross between Sandra Bullock, Shirley MacLaine, and Meryl Streep.

Alive or dead, who is the one person you would want to interview and why?

I would like to interview my mother who has been gone for fifteen years now. So many questions have come to me since she died that I would like to have her answer.  And I’d love to be able to reminisce with her about all the wonderful memories I have of both growing up and of sharing a life with her.

Most people usually would answer a celebrity or an artist.  I love that you picked someone that means a lot to you.  Not many people would think to interview a loved one.
Okay, crystal ball time.  Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

The Loyalist Trilogy all published. A book of memoir published as well. Time to sit by the sea and bask in blues and breezes with nary a care in the world.

Any questions you would like to ask me?

Do you read historical fiction and have you read The Loyalist’s Wife?  J

I never thought to read historical fiction before.  I think I read one or two books on quests for the Holy Grail.  Other than that I don’t think I’ve read too many books on historical fiction.  I haven’t had a chance to read The Loyalist’s Wife yet, but after reading the excerpt and hearing you talk about it, I cannot wait to read it.  I already downloaded it to my Kindle.

Any final words for our readers?

Treasure your reading times as moments to listen, learn, and love.

Where can we find you?

Elaine blogs at On Becoming a Wordsmith which may be found at She also is frequently found here: @ElaineCougler, Facebook/ElaineCouglerAuthor, and LinkedIn author groups. The Loyalist’s Wife is available on Amazon and Kobo. 

Thank you everyone for tuning into the Writer's Revolution.  Make sure to pick up your copy of the Loyalist's Wife now available on

And remember to grab your copy of The Phoenix Blade; also available on

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Elaine Cougler Interview Part 1

Welcome everyone to the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  Over the last couple of days we have started to learn about author Elaine Cougler and her book The Loyalist's Wife.  Today we're going to hear more about them from Elaine's own words.

Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m “five foot two, eyes of blue, but oh what those five feet can do” as the song says. Well, actually, I’m five foot two and a half.  I am creative; always looking for new ideas and ways to see and experience my world.  I have a wonderful husband, two children and two grandchildren.

That alone has the making for a good story.  Let’s see if we can dive in a little more as we get to know you.

What inspired you to write?  What type of genre do you write?

I’ve always loved words; reading them, writing them, meshing them with my music and now I’m living my dream of being an author.  Historical fiction is what I write probably because I’ve spent so many years absolutely loving to read great historical fiction.

Historical Fiction?  Sounds like an interesting genre that you don’t hear about too often.  Now you have me curious.  Tell our readers what your book is about.

The Loyalist’s Wife takes the reader on two journeys: that of John, who fights for the British in the American Revolutionary War, and that of Lucy, his wife, who tries to hold on to their farm in the wilds of New York State. Of course both positions are untenable; hence, the book.

Wow, that sounds like it’s going to be an intense book.  Tell us more about John and Lucy.

There are two main characters, John and Lucy, and the story is told using both of their points of view. John is grateful to have arrived in the Thirteen Colonies after escaping trouble in England. He is quiet yet strong and can have a bit of a temper. He will do whatever he must to find Lucy. She, too, is strong yet needs the approval of those she loves. Her journey brings out her steadfast nature and her ability to lie when she must.

What inspired you to write this book?

I am a descendent from Loyalists who came to Canada during the American Revolutionary War and I always wanted to know more about that whole journey. I thought if I was going to write a novel, it definitely had to be historical fiction as it is my favorite genre. Writing about this time and these people was like a carrot held out in front of a mule (I’m really not stubborn!). And the journey has been so enlightening!

Wow, that’s pretty cool.  I’ve never met anyone that was a descendent from a loyalist during the Revolutionary War.

You sound like you have a great book on your hands with the Loyalist’s Wife.  Have there been other books or blogs you’ve written?

I have written two books about my childhood and my early married years so as to leave a record for my children. Two cookbooks were written for the same reason. And because I have two wee grandchildren I wanted to write a children’s story book, especially for them.  My prime serious writing has evolved over my six years of bringing The Loyalist’s Wife to publication. I am a blogger who blogged first as a record of family and more personal life and eventually launched On Becoming a Wordsmith about two and a half years ago. It is written for writers by a writer but a lot of readers enjoy it, too.

Were your other books self-published or traditionally published?

All self-published. I guess I’m a bit of a control freak and I love to attack something new and learn how to do it. Being a bit of a perfectionist helps with self-publishing, for sure.

I think self-publishing has helped a lot of writers make the books that they wanted to make instead of what others tell them to create.

So with your fascination of Historical Fiction, I have to know; who is your greatest writing inspiration?

The first writer who truly bowled me over with her ability to write about things in her books which helped me in my life as a wife and mother was Margaret Laurence. Sharon Kay Penman, Margaret Craven, Margaret George, Pierre Berton, James Michener, and Alison Weir are just a few of the others whose works stand out.

That's all the time we have for today.  Join us tomorrow for part 2 of our interview with Elaine Cougler and remember to pickup your copy of her book The Loyalist's Wife; now available on

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Elaine Cougler: Loyalist's Wife

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Welcome to the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  Yesterday we previewed a fellow author Elaine Cougler, but today we take a look at her book, The Loyalist's Wife


When American colonists resort to war against Britain and her colonial attitudes, a young couple caught in the crossfire must find a way to survive. Pioneers in the wilds of New York State, John and Lucy face a bitter separation and the fear of losing everything, even their lives, when he joins Butler's Rangers to fight for the King and leaves her to care for their isolated farm. As the war in the Americas ramps up, ruffians roam the colonies looking to snap up Loyalist land. Alone, pregnant, and fearing John is dead, Lucy must fight with every weapon she has.
With vivid scenes of desperation, heroism, and personal angst, Elaine Cougler takes us back to the beginnings of one great country and the planting of Loyalist seeds for another. The Loyalist's Wife transcends the fighting between nations to show us the individual cost of such battles

Excerpt from The Loyalist’s Wife

Hours later, a piece of wood in the fire fell and Lucy jerked upright, her wild eyes darting about the dark cabin. The candle had died. By the dim light from the stove she could see she was alone, but outside Molly [the cow] bawled and the chickens were clucking in a dreadful cacophony of frightening sounds. What was out there? She bumped against the table on the way to the window.
Solid black was all she saw through the running raindrops on the glass, except for a faint patch of limpid light, not even light, just a silver lightening in the grass, the window’s weak reflection. The animals settled and she breathed more slowly. They could wait till daylight.

The fire fixed, she went to the bedroom where she lay under the patchwork quilt, fully clothed, eyes wide open, the loaded rifle scant inches from her hand.

Pickup your copy of the Loyalist's Wife today; now available on

And join us tomorrow for part 1 of our interview with Elaine.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 4 Preview Elaine Cougler

Hello everyone.  Welcome to week 4 of the Writer's Revolution Series.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  This week we have another great author to showcase.  Her name is Elaine Cougler; a native of southern Ontario.  Elaine is a wife, a mother of two, and high school teacher.  She has a love for researching family history and general history.  Her passion for history has brought out a desire to tell the stories found in history books has inspired her creative side and are brought to life with her book, The Loyalist's Wife.

Join us tomorrow for a brief look at the Loyalist's Wife.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Haster Interview Part 4:The Future

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to The Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  Today we conclude our time with Haster by listening to a few new tracks of their upcoming album.


You'll Never Know

Join us next week as we continue with our author series with our guest Elaine Cougler, author of the Loyalist's Wife.  Go back and check out some of our other guests that have been on the Writer's Revolution.

And remember to pick up your copy of The Phoenix Blade; available now on and Kindle.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welcome everyone to the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  Today I bring you part 3 of my interview with the California band Haster.  Today we're going to have some fun getting to know the band a little more, but first I wanted to share another one of their hits off of their debut album Searching.

She is Here

Okay, time for a little fun.

I love the movie Airheads, when Chazz and his band takeover and hold a radio station hostage with water guns so they can have their demo played.  So, what’s the craziest thing Haster has done to get noticed?

BT: Probably dress up as a local radio station and pass out cd’s at local festivals and concerts saying “ check out this new local band that’s blowing up!”

DH: We do alot of ground roots promoting but we havent done anything that crazy yet but I guess being kicked out of a venue for promoting our band might be it for me right now hahaha We’re super easy going guys and we dont have any ‘Rock Star” Stories yet.

PN: Farted onto a snare drum

JS: Oh man. Well, there are a couple of stories. My favorite is Bobby’s stage walkoffs. It was coordinated in our set that Bob, during the break of Mind Control Campaign, would jump off stage and walk out the front doors. He would kick it with the people out front smoking cigarettes and ask them questions. They never did know what to say! During that breakdown I find myself jumping into the crowd occasionally and screaming the whole thing, walking back and forth… slamming my head into the ground right up in people’s faces. It all just fun. I love it.

If the band was stranded on a deserted island (besides instruments and people) what would each of you bring (1 item only)?

BT: my ipod

DH: Assuming I can get Wi-Fi, my iPad because I could do anything with it to keep myself entertained hahaha

PN: A knife, I dont trust these other guys for a second

JS: David – iPhone for Social Media Interaction. He is always on that ish.
Brian – A full encyclopedia. Brian is a smart dude and always has some good, logical reason behind whatever he is disagreeing with me on… which is pretty much everything :D We love each other, though.
Bobby – A big wholesale sized bucket of cheese poofs. There have been too many occasions where Bob brings along random food to whatever we are doing. The most ridiculous… the cheese poofs. Totally unreasonable. Might as well put a seat belt on that thing and get comfy.
Patrick – Patrick would bring a comb. I don’t know what… he just would. Its not like hes a prettyboy or nothing… I just think Patrick would look really cool rockin an old school greaser comb on a desert island. Plus I could use it… I love the way those things feel on my scalp, man. My weakness is head scratching. It’s like Veritaserum from Harry Potter. If a woman scratches my head I’ll answer anything and pretty much do anything.
Me? – Shoot. I’d bring my cat Ashitaka. He’s the man. Plus he’d eat all the desert mice… or at least lizards.

If we were in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, who in the band would survive, would be eaten, and who would go all Tallahassee (From Zombieland) on their zombie a$$? 

BT: we would all survive and kill all the zombies with OUR ROCK!!

DH: I for sure would die because I don’t run hahahaa Jarret and Bob would probably live on forever while the rest of us don’t like to run hahaha

PN: In my humble but factually correct opinion, I would survive easily. Brian would be eaten. Jarret would be their friend. Bob would stand around insulting them...and Dave? Well Dave would hand out our stickers and demos, huge advertising market!

JS: I think that David would survive. The reason being is because it would turn out that he actually caused the apocalypse as part of some marketing campaign. Brian would get eaten fisho… that guy would try to show the Zombies some Tool song and get smashed on. Patrick would go Tallahassee. Only because that fool writes the heaviest stuff I’ve ever heard and that pent up anger could easily flourish in a Zombie-like situation.

Tell us what we can expect from Haster.  Any upcoming shows, tours, or albums?

BT: A new album and a ton of shows!!

DH: -New Album, Music Videos, Shows, Merch, Tour... We plan on just exploding very soon with our new album

JS: New CD – 16 songs and professionally packaged. New Website, New merchandise lineup, and new music video! We are getting on good terms with the guys from Lingoberry Films, the most talented indie production company I’ve worked with, and trying to get on a ‘video every 2 months’ regiment. Other than that? Shows. Tour early next year potentially to meet up with our buds from the Armiger in Austin, Texas… a ton of local OC/LA shows, and small CA/Arizona/Nevada weekend treks. Expect it all!

Okay, crystal ball time.  Where do you guys see yourselves in 5-10 years?

BT: Hopefully at a level where we are playing packed shows and making this our full time job.

DH: -I hope making a living playing music. Not crazy huge but able to relax and not have to work 3 jobs hahaha

JS: 5-10 years from now? Oh man, I don’t think that far ahead ever! I live my life in the moment. I’m literally the most spastic, impulsive, emotionally-driven individual you will ever meet. Regardless, 5-10 years from now I see myself married, with a couple of kids, supporting them through my music and acting. I don’t seek fame or fortune, I just seek a viable means of reasonable income doing what I love. I am putting my heart and soul intop this thing and I am in for the long haul. Even if I am still serving tables, I will be writing Haster’s next CD and planning our music video. This is my therapy, my world… it will never end.

Time to get creepy.  Tell our readers where they can find you and follow you (Twitter, Facebook, website, albums).

JS: My personal email is … shoot me an email on there with any questions or to touch base! Also, go to my website to see any of the films I’m in or what I’m about as an actor, in general. Otherwise, I’m on FB, twitter, and instagram. Just search my name and you’ll see me. is our official webpage. Band sites: , , , .

Any questions for me?

JS: I just want to say that I have an immense respect for those that support the independent arts within such a watered down community, thank you so much for having us and giving us this opportunity. We are in your debt and appreciate it :D

Any final words for our readers?

DH: We are very very social media friendly so if you want to talk to us, ask us a question or anything, we are on twitter and facebook 24/7 and we love talking to our fans

JS: Stop thinking about the next step and act. I’ve wasted a ton of time wondering what’s next and not living it out. Jump on every opportunity, always say ‘yes’ (to opportunities…), and don’t be afraid to fail. I’ve failed so many times and may fail bigger yet in the future. Who cares? Just do it.

That's going to do it for today.  Join us tomorrow for a bonus song.  Remember to tune in every week as we continue our series which has now been extended until the end of 2013.  

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