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Friday, August 2, 2013

Interview on the Cathy Brockman Blog

I was interview earlier for the Cathy Brockman Romances Blog.  I wanted to share a little bit of the interview as a preview.  To see the full interview go to

Next week, I bring a special treat to everyone.  Instead of an author, I have a fantastic band from California as my guest.  Next week I get to interview Haster.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my interview and have a great weekend.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our lair!! It’s already August! Where has the year gone? School is about to start back and the weather is still hot and so are the stories! To celebrate August and Back to school we have kidnapped oops invited some really awesome  victims  oops guests to come and sit  out on the Patio and tell us about their summer  and new releases.
Today’s victim oops guest is Andrew Hess! *Muses escort Him  to a cozy seat in our new Gazebo.
Cathy: *hugs, takes seat* Hello Andrew. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to have a chat with us. How are you today?
Andrew. I’m very well.  Thank you for inviting me.
Cathy: How was your summer? Did you do anything special?
Andrew: Summer has been very busy.  I just got engaged back on July 4th; so there’s been a lot of wedding planning and have been busy with my blog and editing a couple of other books.
Cathy: Congratulations! Tell us a little about yourself
Andrew: My name is Andrew Hess, author of The Phoenix Blade. I’m from Long Island, NY and spent several years in the New Paltz and Poughkeepsie areas. I love writing novels, poetry, movie scripts, and creating new and innovative ideas for future projects
 Cathy: Ahh!! That’s cool! *muses huddle around*What made you decide you wanted to become a writer?
Andrew: It started while I was in college.  I came up with the idea for my book, The Phoenix Blade, and the writing took over me.  I kept writing every night and was the part of my day I looked forward to the most.  Everyone always has their favorite book or books they would always remember.  I wanted mine to be the ones that make people think and inspire other writers to follow their passion as well.
Cathy: What genres do you normally write?* Mysterious Muse grins*
Andrew: I can write any genre.  My first two books were poetry that told a story when read from cover to cover.  The Phoenix Blade is a four part series that is Action/Drama.  I’ve written mysteries, horror movie scripts, and even have a few romance and psychological books in store for the future.
Cathy: Where do you get your inspiration?
Andrew: Most of the time, I get my ideas from dreams or some random thought that crossed my mind. 
Cathy: How many books do you have out?
Andrew: I have currently have three books.

The Phoenix Blade: Follow the journey of Andrew Lancaster and his friends as they are thrown in the middle of the biggest government conspiracy to hit the United States. Andrew is contacted by a man known only as the Benefactor; claiming to be a government official that has been monitoring Lancaster and his friends. He is told they have enough evidence to arrest them for treason, but would like to hire them instead for a top secret government project. As a bonus the Benefactor says he will reveal something Lancaster has wanted to know for the last six years. Who killed his mother?

Chamber of Souls:

Have you ever found yourself taking a journey into unfamiliar territory, and saying it’s just another adventure? Was there a dream that was horrific enough to make you beg to wake from, or did you want to see more? Step into the Chamber of Souls; there’s always room for one more.

Hall of the Forgotten The Hall of the Forgotten is a series of poems inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s Cask of Amontillado. A man who has been picked on, lost, and pushed aside wants to put his past behind him. What better way to cast them out than to encase them in their own private cells underneath a secluded mansion.

Cathy:  Wow that’s awesome! *Muses ooh and ahh*Do you have a favorite book you have written

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