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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welcome everyone to the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  Today I bring you part 3 of my interview with the California band Haster.  Today we're going to have some fun getting to know the band a little more, but first I wanted to share another one of their hits off of their debut album Searching.

She is Here

Okay, time for a little fun.

I love the movie Airheads, when Chazz and his band takeover and hold a radio station hostage with water guns so they can have their demo played.  So, what’s the craziest thing Haster has done to get noticed?

BT: Probably dress up as a local radio station and pass out cd’s at local festivals and concerts saying “ check out this new local band that’s blowing up!”

DH: We do alot of ground roots promoting but we havent done anything that crazy yet but I guess being kicked out of a venue for promoting our band might be it for me right now hahaha We’re super easy going guys and we dont have any ‘Rock Star” Stories yet.

PN: Farted onto a snare drum

JS: Oh man. Well, there are a couple of stories. My favorite is Bobby’s stage walkoffs. It was coordinated in our set that Bob, during the break of Mind Control Campaign, would jump off stage and walk out the front doors. He would kick it with the people out front smoking cigarettes and ask them questions. They never did know what to say! During that breakdown I find myself jumping into the crowd occasionally and screaming the whole thing, walking back and forth… slamming my head into the ground right up in people’s faces. It all just fun. I love it.

If the band was stranded on a deserted island (besides instruments and people) what would each of you bring (1 item only)?

BT: my ipod

DH: Assuming I can get Wi-Fi, my iPad because I could do anything with it to keep myself entertained hahaha

PN: A knife, I dont trust these other guys for a second

JS: David – iPhone for Social Media Interaction. He is always on that ish.
Brian – A full encyclopedia. Brian is a smart dude and always has some good, logical reason behind whatever he is disagreeing with me on… which is pretty much everything :D We love each other, though.
Bobby – A big wholesale sized bucket of cheese poofs. There have been too many occasions where Bob brings along random food to whatever we are doing. The most ridiculous… the cheese poofs. Totally unreasonable. Might as well put a seat belt on that thing and get comfy.
Patrick – Patrick would bring a comb. I don’t know what… he just would. Its not like hes a prettyboy or nothing… I just think Patrick would look really cool rockin an old school greaser comb on a desert island. Plus I could use it… I love the way those things feel on my scalp, man. My weakness is head scratching. It’s like Veritaserum from Harry Potter. If a woman scratches my head I’ll answer anything and pretty much do anything.
Me? – Shoot. I’d bring my cat Ashitaka. He’s the man. Plus he’d eat all the desert mice… or at least lizards.

If we were in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, who in the band would survive, would be eaten, and who would go all Tallahassee (From Zombieland) on their zombie a$$? 

BT: we would all survive and kill all the zombies with OUR ROCK!!

DH: I for sure would die because I don’t run hahahaa Jarret and Bob would probably live on forever while the rest of us don’t like to run hahaha

PN: In my humble but factually correct opinion, I would survive easily. Brian would be eaten. Jarret would be their friend. Bob would stand around insulting them...and Dave? Well Dave would hand out our stickers and demos, huge advertising market!

JS: I think that David would survive. The reason being is because it would turn out that he actually caused the apocalypse as part of some marketing campaign. Brian would get eaten fisho… that guy would try to show the Zombies some Tool song and get smashed on. Patrick would go Tallahassee. Only because that fool writes the heaviest stuff I’ve ever heard and that pent up anger could easily flourish in a Zombie-like situation.

Tell us what we can expect from Haster.  Any upcoming shows, tours, or albums?

BT: A new album and a ton of shows!!

DH: -New Album, Music Videos, Shows, Merch, Tour... We plan on just exploding very soon with our new album

JS: New CD – 16 songs and professionally packaged. New Website, New merchandise lineup, and new music video! We are getting on good terms with the guys from Lingoberry Films, the most talented indie production company I’ve worked with, and trying to get on a ‘video every 2 months’ regiment. Other than that? Shows. Tour early next year potentially to meet up with our buds from the Armiger in Austin, Texas… a ton of local OC/LA shows, and small CA/Arizona/Nevada weekend treks. Expect it all!

Okay, crystal ball time.  Where do you guys see yourselves in 5-10 years?

BT: Hopefully at a level where we are playing packed shows and making this our full time job.

DH: -I hope making a living playing music. Not crazy huge but able to relax and not have to work 3 jobs hahaha

JS: 5-10 years from now? Oh man, I don’t think that far ahead ever! I live my life in the moment. I’m literally the most spastic, impulsive, emotionally-driven individual you will ever meet. Regardless, 5-10 years from now I see myself married, with a couple of kids, supporting them through my music and acting. I don’t seek fame or fortune, I just seek a viable means of reasonable income doing what I love. I am putting my heart and soul intop this thing and I am in for the long haul. Even if I am still serving tables, I will be writing Haster’s next CD and planning our music video. This is my therapy, my world… it will never end.

Time to get creepy.  Tell our readers where they can find you and follow you (Twitter, Facebook, website, albums).

JS: My personal email is … shoot me an email on there with any questions or to touch base! Also, go to my website to see any of the films I’m in or what I’m about as an actor, in general. Otherwise, I’m on FB, twitter, and instagram. Just search my name and you’ll see me. is our official webpage. Band sites: , , , .

Any questions for me?

JS: I just want to say that I have an immense respect for those that support the independent arts within such a watered down community, thank you so much for having us and giving us this opportunity. We are in your debt and appreciate it :D

Any final words for our readers?

DH: We are very very social media friendly so if you want to talk to us, ask us a question or anything, we are on twitter and facebook 24/7 and we love talking to our fans

JS: Stop thinking about the next step and act. I’ve wasted a ton of time wondering what’s next and not living it out. Jump on every opportunity, always say ‘yes’ (to opportunities…), and don’t be afraid to fail. I’ve failed so many times and may fail bigger yet in the future. Who cares? Just do it.

That's going to do it for today.  Join us tomorrow for a bonus song.  Remember to tune in every week as we continue our series which has now been extended until the end of 2013.  

Let the Writer's Revolution Begin!

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