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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Valentine Countdown Blitz Day 2

Natalie-Nicole Bates is a book reviewer and author.
Her passions in life include books and hockey along with Victorian photography, Frozen Charlotte dolls, and antique poison bottles.
She currently resides in the UK where she is working on her next book and adding to her collection of 19th century post-mortem photos.

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After a devastating accident, Barret Atkins has accepted a quiet, solitary existence. His life is turned upside down, when he finds the badly injured Kansas Smith, left for dead in a case of mistaken identity. As Kansas begins to recover, Barret must face some deep scars of his own. When the couple begin to fall for each other, their lives spin into a revival of past hurts, jealousies, and betrayals, causing Barret to put a halt to their budding relationship.

Barret’s hesitation causes his best friend-turned vicious rival, Duncan Craig, to pursue a friendship with Kansas. Where will this leave Barret? Can they all hold on long enough to escape Kansas’s attacker, and will they ever conquer their own inner demons intent on keeping them apart.

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Barret climbed onto the bed, and slid his arms around her, pulling her against his bare chest. “Don’t be afraid.” He kissed her hair. It smelled of lilacs and jasmine. He closed his eyes, he held her tight. “It’s okay, Kansas,” he murmured. “You’re safe, perfectly safe.”
The Heart of the Hunter
Natalie-Nicole Bates

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine Countdown Blitz Day 1

Kathryn Olsen (aka Kaki) has been to 17 countries on five continents. 

After an illustrious upbringing in Massachusetts, she studied English at Brigham Young University. As a result, she's been known to find theological flaws in zombie lore and Peruvian sacrifice metaphors in Superman movies. 

When not working a desk job or overanalyzing media, she enjoys writing about anything from possessed iPhones to dragon-smuggling androids and has been called upon to lecture on writing by various organizations. 

Her debut novel, Swan and Shadow, was published in March, 2016.

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"Aislin is cursed. A regular college student at night and a swan during the day, Aislin can only break the curse by finding her true love. But when her beloved discovers the truth, will his fear override their love? This modern adaptation of Swan Lake will help you discover what love really means."

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The summer before we turned thirteen, Aislin and I got to spend a whole month away at camp. It was one of those all-purpose places that had a name worthy of Thoreau or a retirement home. The camp had something for everyone, from hiking to skits, but they stuck Aislin and me in different cabins and we rejoiced. Aislin was in Bunk 3 with Jill and Bekah, who taught her how to sail and talk to boys. I was in Bunk 9 with girls who wanted to try makeup and fawn over Derrick Ferrell. They traded diving lessons for eyeliner tips.

New friends aside, we couldn’t stand ignoring each other, so we ate dinner together and teamed up for canoeing. We once swapped bunks and would have gotten away with it if Aislin’s counselor hadn’t noticed that I had been cured of my hay fever.

Just after the Fourth of July, disaster struck. Aislin’s counselor pulled me aside to ask where she was. I hadn’t seen her and the same went for her friends and counselors. I headed to my bunk after dinner in case my sister turned up there.

Shortly after dark, Aislin started throwing rocks at my screen. I snuck out of the bunk and found her hiding behind a birch tree. She was crying and naked and promised to tell me everything if I could bring her some clothes and a tampon. I brought both of them without asking questions and while she got changed, I sought out Nina, her counselor.
Aislin told the higher-ups that she’d gone skinny-dipping on a dare and someone had swiped her clothes. Terrified that someone from camp would see her, she’d hidden in the woods until night. Nina was sympathetic to the awkward teenager, but skinny-dipping and going MIA were both against the rules. Aislin got kitchen duty for her infraction and got told that the next time, parents would be called.

Once we were alone, Aislin told me that she’d spent all day with wings and the conviction that she’d gone bonkers. I had no reason to doubt her, but I witnessed her transformation the next day to prove that it wasn’t a hallucination. After seeing my twin sister’s hands sprout feathers and watching her shrink to swan size, I’d wondered if I was bonkers too.

When Aislin went missing again, I knew exactly where to find her, but there was no way I was telling Nina. So I shrugged miserably and said I hadn’t seen her that day.

The camp director decided that both of us had problems with authority. My parents didn’t believe that, but they didn’t argue when we were asked to leave camp early.2-3 small snippets from your story

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

101 Ways to Stay of the IRS Radar

Abby Eisenkraft is the CEO of Choice Tax Solutions Inc.   She is a federally licensed Enrolled Agent (EA), an Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA), Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP) and a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC).

Abby started her career in tax as a preparer, and quickly gained a reputation for successfully dealing with difficult tax problems, including those previously unsolvable by other tax professionals.  She currently specializes in tax controversy cases such as federal and state tax audits, non-filer cases, residency audits, international matters, etc.

Abby is passionate about defending taxpayer’s rights before the IRS and State Taxing Authorities.  She is a speaker on various tax and financial topics, a consultant (specializing in the self-employed), and is often quoted in the press as a tax and financial expert.

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Abby Eisenkraft is one of America’s leading experts on IRS problems - and how to prevent them. Informative, slightly irreverent, and definitely not your typical IRS guide, this tax pro shares her experiences in the tax trenches, defending her clients against the IRS. Learn from the mistakes of others, and save time, money and grief.


Abby says -- No need to fear the IRS!  Arm yourself with knowledge.  Tax Pro Abby Eisenkraft takes you through 101 mistakes NOT to make - save yourself time, money and grief.

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