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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Book Tour Day 7: Nicolette Andrews

About the Author:

Nicolette Andrews is a romantic fantasy author who lives in San Diego CA. She's been trapped inside magical world, heavily influenced by Southern California, for most of her life. She doesn't likes to take life too seriously (or herself for that matter). Her favorite creative medium is writing, whether it is on paper, or on a computer but on occasion, she likes to pretend she can draw or even may attempt homemade gifts, with varied results. She enjoys cooking, baking and generally working with her hands. She spends most of her free time with her family: two daughters and a wonderful husband plus a few cats and a dog. You can connect with her via her website: on Facebook or even Twitter.

Diviner's Trilogy

Maea foresaw the rise of an ancient evil intent on destroying her kingdom. In order to stop him she must kill the host, the man who summoned him. But he is also the man she loves, and she owes him her life. She is determined to find a different way to stop the prophecy, and her search thrusts her into a dangerous quest for answers. For generations her family has destroyed the specter only for it to rise again, but as she unravels the past it also uncovers a greater plot that spreads across kingdoms. Through twisted corridors, magical disguises, double deals, and treason, Maea learns more about the curse and her family’s role in this endless cycle. As she untangles the threads of the past, present, and future, Maea must decide will she save the man she loves or save her kingdom?

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