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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Promo Tour Day 12: Jennifer L. Roche

About the Author:

I'm Author Jennifer L. Roche.  My current book release is Book One of the Ties Series and is called Healing Ties.  I am now in the process of beginning Book Two of this series which is titled Severed Ties.  I am CEO and Founder of writing and photography company Rainbows of Happiness LLC, my own brand.  I live in DE with my husband of 11 years and our cat Kasey.  I have loved writing and reading ever since I was a young child.


I have been previously published for poetry, my first love when it comes to writing, in 1995 in an anthology called the Dappled Sunlight.  This was while I was in high school.  I was also published in the East Coast Literary Review Spring Edition 2014 which is still available today on CreateSpace, the Winter Solstice in Australia, and multiple times on

My other major writing accomplishments includes my biographical memoir short work titled Always In My Heart which was chosen for the Featured Author's Showcase on, a short story contribution to the anthology on Random Acts of Kindness, monthly contributions to Espiral Magazine's House and Home Section and writing the featured article for the Friendship edition for Smile Magazine for Girls.

I have written and illustrated a three book series for children which is in the editing phases; teaching children to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence using a cute elf named Jingles who is very clumsy.  These books are directed at everyday issues children face.  As a former elementary teacher I had a first hand view of the social interactions between children so this is why I wrote this series. 

Also coming out I have a secret project due out in August of 2016 which is an anthology of books benefitting a cause near and dear to my heart. All the proceeds will be going to benefit this cause and several authors have already signed on!  This is a very positive outpouring of emotion for a beautiful show of support!  Stay tuned!

I have been selected as Poet and Author of the Month for and interviewed by NY Times Bestselling Author Ana E. Ross on her blog discussing my future writing endeavors.  I have a lot of upcoming events in the coming months so be sure to visit my Facebook Author Page for updates!

Healing Ties book link on Amazon :
Rainbows of Happiness LLC (my personal company only me)
Twitter: @Pensivewriter36

Healing Ties

A work of contemporary fiction that introduces Andrea and Blythe. Two extremely different personalities brought together by fate as roommates in college. The beauty of these two girls is that they accept one another unconditionally despite their differences. Together they create a unique bond of friendship, that reaches beyond other's comprehension.

Unfortunately, there are those that seek to separate Andrea and Blythe "for their own good". Andrea and Blythe are ripped torn away from their one true friend in life. Forced to continue their life's journey on their own. One of the friends will choose to rise above the pain, following her heart to achieve her dreams. One friend will spiral into a pit of despair when the two girls are apart.
Can an unexpected phone call unite them once more reconnecting their previous bond? Has too much time passed , preventing Andrea and Blythe from healing their friendship?

With an ending that will have you on the edge of your seat, immerse yourself deep into a world of "Healing Ties!"

Author Jennifer L. Roche Interview
Tell us about yourself:
My name is Jennifer L. Roche I am CEO/founder of company Rainbows of Happiness LLC which is my own writing and photography company I established in 2013.  I live in Delaware currently with my husband Robert M. Roche and our cat Kasey but was born and raised in New Jersey. 
I have a BA from the University of DE in Psychology with minors in English, Writing, and History, as well as a Master's in Elementary Education K-8.  I have taught 4th, 2nd, 1st, and Kindergarten in the public school system for ten years.  I worked with mentally ill adults and children prior to that in various capacities as a therapist. 
Now I am fulfilling my dream of being a writer.  I have always written since a young age, when I use to write and illustrate my own books for fun. 
I was first published for poetry in 1995 which is the original reason I planned to write.  I have notebooks filled with poetry from all stages of my life.  I found that poetry was the reason I was always able to see the positive in all aspects of life. 
AS I grew and changed careers, I noticed that my writing tended to morph over time as well.  That is the amazing thing about being a writer.  You as constantly growing and changing.  I feel the writing process is like that of a caterpillar slowly turning into a beautiful butterfly!
How long have you been writing and what inspired you to write?
If I had to put a true time limit on the amount of time for which I have been seriously writing I would say twenty years because that was when I was first published. Although I have been creating poems and stories for much longer. 
The catalyst that caused me to really begin my writing journey was the work of Robert Frost.  I found his poetry to be so introspective and it really spoke to me on a deeper level than anything else I had read previously and I am one who loves the Classics.  Jane Austen was another big influence on my writing but Robert Frost was first!
Tell me a little about your book.
My current book I just released is Healing Ties.  It is Book One in my Ties Series.  I refer to it as a contemporary mash-up, and a work of fiction.  I say contemporary mash-up because there are so many intense themes that the reader will come across in a short amount of time in this book and the themes match up perfectly with the characters' moods.  As the reader gets further into the story about Andrea and Blythe, the two friends the series revolves around, the emotions and themes start to move quicker and seem to snowball faster and faster until the final chapter which ends with a climactic bang!  Readers will get a lot of unexpected surprises in this introductory book for my series.  The next book in the series Book Two Severed Ties will pick up right where Healing Ties leaves off, but be prepared for a much darker, sinister theme!
Who has been your greatest writing inspiration?
While there are  many famous writers that have written books that have surpassed time yet somehow still seem relevant to modern day, this whole self-publishing experience has helped me realize how truly invaluable those writers who are my colleagues are to me! Their firsthand advice and experiences have helped me weather through the tricky world of self-publishing.  I have always felt supported and know that I have a circle of friends to turn to should I need help with anything.  Those authors are my writing inspiration.  The ones who give unselfishly of their precious time and always lend a helping hand.
What would be your ideal writing space?
Someplace where the desk faced out towards a large picture window and the scene was of a small running stream with an arched bridge over it.  There would also need to be cast iron benches and lots of tall trees for shade.  I think I just described a park but whatever!
If you could meet any author from any time period, who would it be and why?
 Hmm.... perhaps Jane Austen because I loved all her books or Shakespeare simply because I would love to know the real meanings behind some of his stories.  You have to admire a writer whose works are still hotly debated by both readers and Psychology students alike!
Now a little more about you: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you bring (excluding family, laptop, or writing utensils)
1) My Nikon D3300 camera
2) food
3) My Smartphone
We find out the world is going to end tomorrow. How do you live your last day?
Have a huge family meal with the WHOLE family consisting of my grandmother's homemade sauce, share special memories together talking laughing, remembering the good times shared.   Thant's all I need!
If we were to make a movie of your life.  Who would play the part of you?
Emma Stone
Tell us 5 random things about yourself.
1) I am up for Image of the Year in Photography.
2) I danced ballet until I left for college.
3) I have been on 10 cruises.
4) I hate broccoli!
5)  I have one brother who lives in CA!
What are three places you have always wanted to visit but have not yet?
Italy, Greece, England
If you could travel to any time in history, when would you visit?
I am a real history buff so I would love to travel to the exact moment to be present when they were signing the Declaration of Independence!
If you could have dinner with any of your characters, which ones would you choose?  What  food would you serve?
Andrea.  I feel she and I would have the most in common.  I would serve everyday fare because Andrea seems to like good home cooked meals.  Perhaps comfort food such as meatloaf with homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits.
Okay, crystal ball time.  Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
In 5-10 years my plan is to be a well established Author with several series under my belt and be on the Best seller's list.  I don't have to be famous, but I want to be able to be making a difference and making people enjoy reading!  I hope to have my children's series out and published as well as my poetry book and perhaps a book of my photography!
Thank you Andrew Hess for the opportunity to interview on your blog!  This was fun!  Be sure to pick up a copy of my book Healing Ties now available in eBook format on Amazon at and visit my Facebook Author page hhtps://   Happy Holidays all!

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