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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Promo Tour Day 23: Tracey Champion

About the Author:

 Tracey Champion was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and now reside in Tennessee with her husband and children. She is a stay at home mom, homeschool teacher and support for her family. Tracey is a hopeless romantic who’s first love story was Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman. She has a love for anything Disney. Tracey began writing in elementary school and wrote more in high school. Her passion will always be with in the stories whether she writes them or reads them.

Forget Cinderella (True Loves FairyTale Book 1)

Cara Mia
It all begins with my story.
I was Momma’s beautiful, happy, hippie princess. Then I was lost, sad and closed off. I wanted the fairy tale, I wanted to be Cinderella.
When I was preparing to start life on my own my story took on twists and turns I never expected. I decided to take some time to turn my story around. I wanted a happily ever after that was almost impossible until I met Amber, my friend, and she made me realize my story wasn’t were it was meant to be.
Then Jordan came along, my prince, and now my story is out of my hands. I’ve found what I was missing and I didn’t even know it, but it may all be taken away from me. I may even be taken away from this wonderful life I’ve built and the people I’ve surrounded myself with. My beautiful life could be gone and my fairy tale forgotten. I don’t even have a glass slipper to help me.



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