Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Holiday Promo Tour Day 30: Viviana Hayes

My Parents Hidden Skeletons:

Sienna a young woman, who's mother is on a list for a kidney. Her parents forbade her from getting tested to see if she was a match. She went behind her parents back, and got tested anyway. The Doctor not only told her she wasn't a match but her mother wasn't her birth mother. So she hunts for the truth. Her parents told her it was none of her business, and told her to drop it. When she didn't drop it, her parents pulled out all resources to try and get her to stop they even had her attacked. She is a timid 22 year old who usually always does what's she is told. Never questions her parents until now. They make her dress and act a certain way to control her. But then she finds so many hidden secrets of her parents one after another. She finds out her parents have killed. She begins to search for her birth parents, and the FBI begins to dig into her parents. Her parents won't stop hurting everyone she knows and loves until she is dead or drops her search. No matter what she chooses it comes with consequences she is not prepared for. So she is trapped no matter what she does. She seeks justice through the justice system, but she quickly realizes her parents have powerful people in their pocket. She realizes that the justice system won't be able to help. An that they won't stop unless they die. So she is trapped.

Shattered by Love, Healed by Sex

Ava has had her whole life turned upside down, and inside out. She is living in gloom, and her horrible past is coming back into her mind like vomit. She is a stripper, known as Nevada Snow. Being a stripper has been a great distraction from her past, so has sleeping with every hot guy. But now her past follows her everywhere she goes. Nothing distracts her anymore. Her past is constantly creeping up on her.

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