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Friday, July 11, 2014

Sherry A. Burton Book Blurbs

Welcome everyone to another big week on the Writer's Revolution. I am your host, the author of The Phoenix Blade, Andrew Hess. This week our guest is an incredible author Sherry A. Burton.

Elizabeth has wasted five years of her life clinging to an unrealistic promise. A promise which had her waiting for her late husband, Anthony, to return from the grave. Now weary of waiting, Elizabeth is ready to move on with her life, especially after meeting Joseph, the handsome new owner of the local butcher shop. Joseph is considerate of her gluten free health needs- and seems to know so much about her- even though they’ve only just met. Now if only she can get Anthony out of her heart, and more importantly, out of her dreams.
Publishers note: Somewhere in My Dreams is a re-release of The Scars Between Us, same great book, new publisher, slightly revamped cover, and new title.

Amber's world is shattered when her husband Jeff dies suddenly in an accident. On the day of his funeral, in the midst of her grief, she is blind-sided with divorce papers, served only hours before the service. Forced to face how flawed her marriage truly was, Amber finally begins to deal with the lies and deceit that were at the very foundation of her relationship. When the ruggedly handsome Kentucky horse breeder Dalton loses his beloved wife shortly after the birth of their child, he thinks he will never find love again. Four years later, he knows something is missing from his life, but just can't seem to place it. Until he meets the raven-haired beauty - the woman of his dreams. Will Amber overcome the fear of being hurt again and find true love? Will she be able to see clearly through her tears of betrayal?

Haunted by dreams of her dead husband, Elizabeth spends five years of her life beside his grave with the blind hope that he would return to her. She eventually alienates every one of her friends before slowly rebuilding her life. When Joseph crosses her path with his piercing eyes and electric touch, the flame of passion is ignited. But Joseph has a painful secret buried within the scar on his wrist – one he must protect in order to keep his new life, and new love. Will Elizabeth ever be able to truly let go and stop seeing her dead husband everywhere she turns? And can Joseph risk exposing his past in order to be with her?

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