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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Melanie Macek Interview Part 2

Welcome everyone to another big week on the Writer's Revolution. I am your host, the author of The Phoenix Blade, Andrew Hess. This week we have the author of Renaissance Wench, Melanie Macek

Now a little more about you:

I’ve been writing novels for twenty years now but didn’t feel confident enough in my stories to publish them until the beginning of 2013. Renaissance Wench is my 4th full novel. I’ve also released 6 novellas.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring (excluding family, laptop, or writing utensils)?

Does a series of books count as one thing? If so, then I would bring the Outlander series, if it doesn’t, then I would bring the Outlandish Companion, a knife, and my How to live like a Pioneer book.

We find out the world is going to end tomorrow.  How do you live your last day?

Spending time with my husband, our cats, and trying to talk with distant family and friends one last time.

If we were to make a movie of your life.  Who would play the part of you?

Oh, I hate this question. I’ve never been able to equate my life to a screenplay nor think of who would play me.

Okay, crystal ball time.  Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Retired from, or getting ready to retire from, my day job and making enough from my writing to be able to sustain our current lifestyle and traveling to Europe.

Do you have any questions for me?

How did you start writing? Who influenced you?

Initially I started writing when I was in 5th grade and continued it the following year by creating my own newspaper that I wrote and sold to my classmates. For many years that followed, I put it on the back burner until I entered college. There I found my passion for writing and came up with the idea to write my, what would eventually become my debut novel: The Phoenix Blade: Project Justice.

As for who influenced me…For authors I would say Edgar Allen Poe because of his cryptic and dark writing style and also James Patterson who has such attention to detail and was one of the main authors that made me interested in reading again…Personal influence had to come from my 5th grade teacher who said I had such a creative imagination and could write a lot better than I spoke.

Where can our readers find you?  (Please provide links for everything Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Website etc).

Facebook:  Author promotion page
Facebook:  author profile, a place to hold conversations.
Victoria Writers Guild: 

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