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Monday, July 14, 2014

Preview: Angela Parker

Welcome everyone to another big week on the Writer's Revolution. I am your host, the author of The Phoenix Blade, Andrew Hess. My guest this week takes her readers on a trip to the dark side. Welcome Angela Parker.

Angela Parker was born in 1985 in central TX.

Her love for writing developed throughout her time in school. She worked on an arsenal of projects that were lost to an unfortunate technological disaster long before she ever thought that she would eventually publish anything, which sent her into such an intense disgust for technology that nothing was written for several years. Eventually the spark of desire grew into a flame once more and she began to write again.


She wrote only as a hobby until 2014 when she picked out her favorite completed poems and put them together in her first book titled “The Darkness Descends- A Digest of Demented Dark and Disturbing Doggerel”. The same day she published several of her poems that were appropriate for all audiences in a piece called “Just a Bit of Musing”.

This sparked a desire to take all of her notes, snippets, and unfinished work that was just taking up space on a data stick and finish it up, polish it and begin letting it go.


She never intended to publish short stories, as they were only used for a sort of medication to alleviate writer’s block, but it seemed like such a waste to allow them to sit untouched, so she decided to publish those as well in between her larger pieces. To date she has released “Keep Off the Grass”, “Worst Week EVER”, and coming August 15, 2014 is “Frisky on the Back 40”.


Angela Parker is independently published. She creates her own cover art. This is in part because she has trouble conveying a graphic idea, and in part because she enjoys working with graphics.

Much of her work is steeped in darkness and teeters on the edge of inappropriate, sometimes slipping beyond the point of no return. This is a direct contrast to her real world, which is figuratively bathed in light, and only mildly inappropriate on occasion.
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