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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Staying Positive and Pushing Forward

I worked in retail and dealing with the public for well over a decade now.  During that time, I have come across all different types of people.  I have heard their stories and what they wanted to do with their lives.  There have been people who wanted to be lawyers, doctors,psychologists,  actors, musicians, pro wrestlers, basketball players, rappers, surfers, skaters, and yes even independent business owners.  When I asked them why they didn't pursue it more, most of them said it was too difficult and not realistic.  Others said it was easier and more comfortable working a decent job that paid well and had benefits, or they didn't want to keep going to school to get the degree they needed for their career choice. 

Maybe these people weren't meant to have their dream job.  Maybe they weren't destined for it.  I don't believe that's true.  I believe everyone has a talent that they should share with the world.  Their dream is achieveable because it's been done by plenty of other people in the world.  Those people started out just like every single one of us, and yet somehow made it to where they are now.  So what is the difference between those who are working their dream job and those that are not? 

I think it has more to do with the motivation to push yourself further towards your goal, or maybe because everyone around you tells you it is unrealistic or it's an impossible goal. 

When I was in high school, I was someone who wanted to be a pro wrestler.  It was my dream since I was a kid and was told by too many people that I was dreaming; that I couldn't do it.  I told them I would prove them wrong, and I wanted to.  Unfortunately due to medical reasons it was something I could not do.  I dwelled on it for a little while.  After realizing my passion for writing and letting it become my voice, I knew there was a talent that had yet to be tapped into. 

There were quiet a few people who told me I wouldn't make it, and others that pacified me by saying oh yeah let me know when that happens.  I wanted to prove people wrong.  My friends and family were some of my biggest supporters.  They told me if it was something I really wanted to do, then go for it and don't stop until it happens.  Everytime I hit a roadblock or some sort of obstacle, including being told no by Literary Agents, I focused on my writing and became more determined. 

I can't give you the answers to the questions that plague your mind.  Maybe you need to find the proper motivation.  Maybe you need to surround yourself with the right people that will encourage you to pursue your dream.  All I know for sure is, anything that's worth having is worth working hard for.

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