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Friday, September 28, 2012


This is a little off the topic tonight but still works with being a writer.  Relationships are both a blessing and a curse.  Now before you agree, disagree or want to throw something at me, let me explain this statement.  When I was younger, (first started writing) I had a lot of relationship issues with my ex.  There were many things I needed to work on and there were about the same or more that she had to work on.  Never the less, we lived together for many years and had to deal with each other every day.  I told her a lot about the ideas I had and the dream of me becoming a writer.  There were times were she said she believed in me and a couple of times (when arguing) where she threw it in my face and told me I was dellusional.  I know it was in the heat of the moment, but there was always a part of me that thought she really didn't have faith in me that I could become a writer. 

Fast Forward to the present.  It's been nearly 5 years since my ex and I split up and now I am with an incredible woman.  She supports me and encourages me and I do the same for her.  When it comes to my writing, she continuously tells me to write even when I feel down and don't want to.  When I think of her, I have a stronger desire to accomplish more (she inspires me to work harder).

Just from that alone is a considerable difference between my old life and my current one.  But that's not why I chose this topic tonight.  I chose this because I have seen a lot of friends in bad relationships and ones that unexpectedly broke their hearts.  A lot of them have chosen to dwell on what happened and what could have been, others decided to pack up their stuff and move away and start over.  It's not me to tell you how to handle the situation.  The only thing I will say, is don't hold a grudge over what happened.  It means the relationship wasn't meant to be.  There is someone out there and the harder you look for them, the harder it is to see them.  And social media isn't the best place to vent your story to the world but if you want to talk about it, find a couple of close friends to lean on or write down your feelings about the situation.  You never know what a couple of pages of writing while you're in that emotional state can bring you. 

So as I said relationships can be a blessing and a curse.  It all depends on how you perceive it. 

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