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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Love & Heartbreak Tour Day 3: Tanya Sands

About Tanya Sands

Tanya Sands is the pseudonym of a stay-at-home mom who, having written but not published short stories for years, finally took the leap and published her passion. When she’s not writing she’s raising her 2 young boys and 3 furbabies while her husband supports them all by driving all over the country as a long haul truck driver. She is the youngest of 6 and a proud vet of the US Air Force.
Plans for a spin off series and even some standalone books are in the works, along with some collaborations with a fellow author who’s a big part of her life.

The Chasers Series

This is a collection of books 1-3 of The Chasers series. You will find two full length novels and a novella with a variety of themes. From ménage to BDSM and finally young love. The common factor is that the women are all BBW’s.
Though this book has curvy ladies as heroines, the message is not exclusively for curvies. I hope that if you choose to read them, you’ll see that I merely wish to impart hope to all. Never give up on love. Not for any reason.

The Chasers Bundle includes:
Double Her Pleasure
Mobile Pleasure
Recipe for Pleasure

**Warning: These stories contain material not suited for readers under 18. Some content may be considered offensive as the books contain explicit sex of many varieties. Also, some scenes may be disturbing and could possibly be triggers.

The Interview:

Was there a specific moment in your life that caused you to believe you should become a writer?
I knew in high school I wanted to write. My English teacher loved my essays and after winning a county-wide contest the love of writing was cemented. I had ideas when I was in my 20’s but it wasn’t until I lost my last job and started roll playing other author’s characters that my muse finally showed up and pestered me to write.

What do you find to be the best method for promoting?
Being on a tight budget, I’d love to be able to do release tours. I rely on self-promotion and word of mouth. I also try to do as many takeovers on Facebook as I can. 

What rules of craft or promotion do you live by?
Rules? Hmmm, I’m not sure I live by any rules. I tend to think that the word of my books will get out. I mean, come on we all have dues to pay, right?

Do you have any upcoming book releases, works in progress, or any big events coming up?
I’m hoping to have my 4th book (Constructed Pleasure) of my series come out in the next few months. But that won’t happen until 1-3 (Double Her Pleasure, Mobile Pleasure & Recipe for Pleasure) are re-released. I’m currently having new covers created for them. I’m looking at Feb-April for the re-releases.
I will also hopefully be releasing book 5 (Captured Pleasure) this year, but am not sure yet. My current WIP is called Mechanical Pleasure.
As for events? I’m actually attending my very 1st author signing, AS AN AUTHOR, in December. The event will be held in Dallas, TX and it’s called Deliciously Dirty in Dallas. I can’t wait to meet some potential new readers.

Tell us about your newest release.
The only book I have out is actually a bundle of the 1st 3 books in The Chasers series. After my ex-publisher and I parted ways, I needed to get new covers made for the three books before I could re-release them. Since it would take less time to make 1 cover than 3, I chose to bundle them THEN re-release them after. 

Who are your favorite characters in the book? Why?
Well, ALL of my Chasers are my favorite because of their willingness to ignore society. As for my lady characters? I’ve written 5 so far and out of those 5 books my favorite would have to be Josephine ‘Josie’ Stuart. She endured so much abuse as a child/teen and though she was broken, she wasn’t beyond repair. Deep down she held out hope that maybe one day someone for HER would come around, and he sure did.

Which celebrity would you most want to be stuck on a deserted island with?
Right about now is when I SHOULD say Charlie Hunan or maybe Zac Ephron, right? I mean come on, if I’m gonna be stuck on an island I’m gonna need to be entertained, right? *winks* But then I think, hmm I’m gonna want someone who can cook literally ANYTHING and I have to admit he’s kinda hot, so Gordon Ramsey would have to be my choice, with the hopes he could entertain me as much as Charlie and Zac (of course if we were the last people on earth lol).

The best way to describe your writing process is: Peaceful Meadow, A Fun Day at the Beach, Controlled Chaos, or a Hurricane.
Hmmm, I’m not sure if any of those descriptions really describe how I write. LOL I would say it’s more like when a stoner smokes a joint. Or a meandering stroll down along the shoreline of a peaceful beach. LOL

If you could have dinner with one famous person (past or present) who would it be and why?
If I could have dinner with one famous person it would be William Wallace. On my mother’s side I’m part Scottish. I’ve always been fascinated his life. I’ve been told by a Scottish citizen that the movie wasn’t nearly accurate. I would be awestruck to be in the same room with the man.

Now you get to turn the table on me and ask 1 question (optional)
Hmmm, I certainly won’t pass up the chance to ask YOU something. LOL Ok, here goes:
You’re sitting at a poker table playing cards with 3 other people (dead or alive). Who are they and who do you think will walk away from the game with the most?

Let's see, I'd put Edgar Allan Poe, Johnny Depp, Bon Jovi (One of the greatest authors, one of the greatest actors, and one of the greatest bands). Since I don't think Poe will be too good at Texas Hold Em, I'd say he would be out first. Depp would tap into various roles to bluff his way to the finals. People catch on to how I play too quickly so I'm out. Bon Jovi will get to the final two but would lose to Depp.

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