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Monday, September 1, 2014

Book Review: Broken Branches by Brenda Spalding

Welcome everyone to another big week on the Writer's Revolution. I am your host, the author of The Phoenix Blade, Andrew Hess. Today I'll be reviewing Brenda Spalding's book Broken Branches


I was educated in Boston and now live in Florida. I write for my grandson that he might know how much his grandmother loved him. He is my inspiration. I came to writing late in life and find I really enjoy the people I meet.

My favorite thing to do on the weekends is taking Hayden out for Burger King and having a picnic at one of the local parks. Even at four years old he is a bright and creative companion.

You should see him on the computer. He is exploring nick Jr. and all the games there. His favorite is the Free Draw where he can create his own masterpiece and print it out.

I'm on staff at Art Center Sarasota and a Member of the National League of American Pen Women, I love the art and culture that the Sarasota area has to offer. There are just so many wonderful creative people here.

I am the founder and president of ABCBook4Children&Adults, Inc. a networking organization to help other self-published authors connect and share information.

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Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? Megan Calloway, a young artist and New York gallery owner didn't until the death of her grandmother in Salem Massachusetts. A gift from her grandmother and visions of the past lead Megan to solve strange riddles, find a family treasure lost in time and a future she never dreamed of.

Rating:4 out of 5

I thought this book was well thought out and well written. I was captivated by the first chapter and was interested to keep reading further. I loved the curiosity and chemistry between Meghan and Jake's characters. The book kept you wondering who was behind the attacks and sneaking around the house which had me anxiously turning the pages to get through the book quicker to see who was the shadowy figure. There were a few added words that weren't meant to be included and a few spelling errors but not to where it interrupted the story
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  1. thank you Andrew. Sorry about the errors. After going through three editors you would think they had caught them all.

  2. It's quite all right. I've been guilty of the same thing in the past.

  3. Wonderful Andrew. I shared it on Facebook and Twitter. Still catching up to all this new technology and blogging. Best of luck with your books.