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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dream Cast for The Phoenix Blade Part 2

Have you ever read a book and then saw the movie and thought I really didn't see that person playing so and so in the movie? Ever wish you could hand pick the actors and actresses for a movie. I've thought about the same thing many times when watching a movie that originated from a book. In fact it's something I've thought about for a while when it comes to the characters in my book The Phoenix Blade: Project Justice. So I thought with the upcoming release of the second book in The Phoenix Blade Series, Awakening (available Sept 2nd on, I thought I would take some time to give my thoughts on who I would have portray the characters on the big screen.

A flashy smartass that enjoys the luxurious lifestyle of a being a high paid hitman. The only people he is loyal to are his best friend, Joe, and his girlfriend, Natalya.
Rider Strong
Known for his iconic role as Shawn Hunter on the hit TV show Boy Meets World, Rider Strong has filled various roles in several genres including family shows, kids shows, horror movies, police dramas and comedies. He is a perfect candidate for the role of Erik with his slick smile that tells gets people to trust him one minute and can snap him into a killer the next.

Joe Matthews
Sarcastic, aggressive and consumed with violence. Joe won't hesitate to act on his impulses but is crafty enough to plan out an attack without getting caught.
Teddy Dunn
Although he has not played many roles, Dunn has made an impact as Duncan Kane in Veronica Mars. His character was heartbroken over the loss of his sister and misplaced his anger and hurt by becoming distant and keeping those he really cared about away. Dunn has the look I am searching for when it comes to the Joe Matthews character and believe he could pull off the intelligent aggressive assassin.
Charming, breathtakingly beautiful and deadly. Natalya is the character that the group is unsure can be trusted as she keeps her past a complete secret. She is the woman that can easily distract a guard or a target while her team fulfills the mission and will kill her victims with a kiss of death.
Olivia Munn
Known for her role as Sloan Sabbith on the show The Newsroom and her time as host of Attack of the Show, Olivia Munn has shown she can be playful, funny, and serious in any role she has portrayed. Her quirkiness, sex appeal to men, and her ability to change her on camera personality makes her fit the temptress assassin role for the Natalya character.
Faith Brant
She is Andrew Lancaster's ex-girlfriend that gives the group a place to crash for a few hours as the journey to their second mission. Her stubbornness and take no B.S. attitude has her clashing with her ex and his best friend constantly throughout The Phoenix Blade Series, but also see her compassionate side when she finally decides to let her guard down.
Karen Gillan
A relatively new actress to me although she has been in various roles since 2008. Her recent role as Kaylie Russell in the horror film Oculus proved to standout in my mind. Her fast talking, stubborn, need to get to the bottom of things attitude hit me as the perfect red head to fit the role of Faith Brant.
Amber Fergusson
Sassy, sweet and stubborn is the best way to describe Amber Fergusson. She is someone that appears near the end of the first book, Project Justice, but plays a key role in the second and third books in The Phoenix Blade Series.
Anna Kendrick
I first noticed Anna Kendrick in the movie Pitch Perfect, but was not the role that made me see her as the perfect choice for the Amber Fergusson character. It was her role in 50/50 as Katherine, Adam's therapist, that made me see the kind emotional side of Kendrick. Her other roles showed her stubborn and sassy attitude that was a great fit for the role.

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