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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dream Cast: The Phoenix Blade: Project Justice Part 1

Have you ever read a book and then saw the movie and thought I really didn't see that person playing so and so in the movie? Ever wish you could hand pick the actors and actresses for a movie. I've thought about the same thing many times when watching a movie that originated from a book. In fact it's something I've thought about for a while when it comes to the characters in my book The Phoenix Blade: Project Justice. So I thought with the upcoming release of the second book in The Phoenix Blade Series, Awakening (available Sept 2nd on, I thought I would take some time to give my thoughts on who I would have portray the characters on the big screen.

Andrew Lancaster.
Andrew Lancaster has been a troubled teen, a man seeking revenge for his mother's death, a soldier for Project Justice, a lover and someone desperately trying to find a way out. His character has been one of the hardest ones I could ever think to cast because it is someone I have spent years getting to know. Many have given their input as to who they would put in that role, but none seemed right to me. Then I found two actors that have the look for the Andrew Lancaster role and have been acting for years.
  • Skylar Astin- His most notable role to this point has been Jesse in the hit movie Pitch Perfect but has also made cameo appearances in shows like Glee, House, Massholes, Girls, Love Bites, and in other movies such as 21 and over, Wreck-It Ralph and has signed on to reprise his role of Jesse in Pitch Perfect 2.
  • David Henrie-He fits the perfect age range for the Andrew Lancaster character. And although he is still young, David has an impressive acting resume with cameo appearances on shows from his childhood to his reoccurring role as Justin Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place to being in the movie Grown Ups 2 and his upcoming role in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. His most notable roles have been on Wizards of Waverly Place and being seen as Ted Mosby's son on How I Met Your Mother.
Lilly Henderson

Lilly Henderson is a character that is sweet and caring. A woman you want to pull for and wish to see her get her happy ending. At the same time she has that snappy, overprotective, stubborn attitude that makes her a good fit for the Andrew Lancaster's group. With that said, her character needs the right type of actress to fit perfectly into that role and there was only one that I could think of.
  • Cristin Milioti- She was the witty Czech girl in the hit Broadway Show, Once, but it was her performance as "the mother" on How I Met Your Mother that made me take notice of Milioti's incredible acting. Her soft voice and witty remarks reminded me of the Lilly character from The Phoenix Blade which made me believe she was the only actress that could pull off the performance.
Mike Santangelo
Mike adds the comedic flare to the group, but is also very serious. He is young, youthful, still wanting to party but understands the dire situation he and his friends are in. There are two actors that would be great fits for Mike's character
  • Logan Henderson-A young up and comer. He has the look of a typical early twenties frat boy which best describes Mike Santangelo's character. Henderson's filmography begins in 2008 with Friday Night Lights and is most notable for his role as Logan Mitchel of Big Time Rush.
  • Shawn Roberts-A 30yr old actor who has the cunning wit and youthful face to portray Mike Santangelo. Roberts has been acting since 1994 with an impressive resume including paying the infamous Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil Series.
Agent Peterson
Agent Peterson has been one of the three wild cards in The Phoenix Blade series. He is the hunter and pursuer of the group known as the Revolution that eventually comes to their aid. He is the most trustworthy Federal Agent, loyal to serving his country and the man everyone chooses to hunt down those on the most wanted list. In my mind there is only one actor that could fit the bill for Agent Peterson.
  • Adam Baldwin-He An actor of thirty-four years, Baldwin (not related to the other Baldwins) has been in countless movies and TV shows such as Independence Day, Castle, Full Metal Jacket, Predator 2, Wyatt Earp, The X-Files, and (of course my favorite) Lieutenant John Casey in the show Chuck. He has the stone cold look of a Federal Agent, the intensity in his acting roles to pull off a man that will go to any lengths to track down criminals and yet still have compassion for truth and justice.
Tino Arcana
The second wild card in The Phoenix Blade Series. Arcana was the man entrusted to play the Revolution's video to send their message to the world. He is crafty and mysterious. He has history with the Benefactor and the information he holds is a game changer.
  • Anthony Tyler Quinn-He played Mr. Jonathan Turner from Boy Meets World. He has the soft spoken yet authoritative voice needed to portray a network executive who has a jaded personality. He has the perfect persona to convince Andrew Lancaster to trust him.
The Benefactor
The final wild card from the Project Justice book. He is cunning, cold, calculating bud yet the man you are forced to trust. His voice in unmistakable and sends chills down your spine. But he has something to prove and even more to hide.
  • Donald Sutherland-One of the most entertaining and dynamic actors around. He is someone that pull off any role and make it his own memorable character. With his most recent role as President Snow in the Hunger Games, Sutherland has the cockiness, the cold calculating actions and the chilling voice needed to truly become the Benefactor. 

The first book in The Phoenix Blade Series, Project Justice is now available for free on Smashwords. Pickup your copy now to get ready for the Awakening

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