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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Excerpt of The Phoenix Blade Awakening

To all the great fans that made The Phoenix Blade: Project Justice the success that it was, I am giving you a sneak peak at the long awaited sequel The Phoenix Blade: Awakening. For those who are new to the series, I strongly urge you to pickup a copy of Project Justice before reading.

The Phoenix Blade: Awakening

Chapter 1

            Cold air swept through the corridors of the Federal Prison in D.C. while a small group of guards stopped outside an old room with the name Warden Brandon Schmoltz etched on a black plaque. The lead guard knocked on the solid oak door and heard someone shout for him to enter. The guard did as he was told and opened the door. Inside was a man of about fifty with grey hair and an old wrinkled suit. He sat at a meticulously clean desk with every file stacked neatly at the corner and every inch of wood was dusted and polished.

                “You wanted to see me sir?”

                “Yes, yes; come in and close the door.” The Warden stood up and began pacing behind the desk. He took out a handkerchief and dabbed the top of his forehead; wiping away the sweat.

                “Is everything okay sir?”

                Warden Schmoltz looked up with great distress. “Does everything look all right?”

                “No sir. What can I do to help?”

                “You and your team will be escorting Prisoner Eight Four Five to the interrogation room and will guard the door. It seems our special guest finally decided he has something to say. We’re to accommodate him and make sure everything goes smoothly; no slip ups.”

                “Yes sir, but…”

                A loud buzz came from the desk before the guard could ask his question.  “They’re here,” a woman’s voice echoed as the Warden pressed the red button on the intercom.

                “Thank you Jeanine.” The Warden removed his finger from the red button and looked back at the guard. “Take your men and fetch Prisoner Eight Four Five; don’t let anything happen to him.”

                The guard appeared startled that the Warden was so frantic and concerned for the safety of one prisoner. He straightened himself up and stared at the Warden.

                “With all due respect sir; what’s so special about Prisoner Eight Four Five?”

                “This man has important and classified information pertaining to an ongoing investigation. He’s kept quiet for the last three years and has finally decided to talk. We’re very eager to hear what he has to say.” The Warden positioned himself in front of the guard. His eyes were filled with anger. “Now take your team and get your asses down to his cell and bring that prisoner to the interrogation room safely. Is that understood?”

                “Yes sir; right away sir.” The guard bowed out of the room and met with his group. “All right guys; follow me.”

                “What’s going on,” another guard asked.

                “We’re bringing a high priority prisoner up to interrogation. We are under strict orders to make sure nothing happens to him.”

                “What the fuck is gonna happen to him here?”
                “I don’t know, but the Warden sure thinks something could.”

                The group marched down to the solitary confinement ward; finding it darker, colder and dustier than the regular cells. The only people permitted to go down there were those assigned to take food to the prisoners and to make sure they were still alive. Only the most vicious criminals were kept there or those that were punished for their wrong doing while in the confines of the prison. But Prisoner Eight Four Five wasn’t there for any of that. He was locked in solitary for his own protection.

                A shorter guard turned and whispered to a larger guard. “Why do you think the Warden cares about protecting this prisoner more than the others? I mean, what does he know that requires this much protection?”

                The man behind him was a tall muscular guard. His menacing stare and flexing muscles warned everyone he was not the guard to mess with. In fact not many of his own co-workers heard him utter more than a few words.

                He grunted and pulled the much smaller guard back. “Keep your trap shut.”

                “But I just wanna know what the big deal is.”

                “All I know is it’s got something to do with the Phoenix and his group.”

                “What the hell does this guy know about them?”

                “I heard Prisoner Eight Four Five was somehow involved in the conspiracy that left eighteen dead bodies scattered across the country. The only name they pulled from the group responsible was the Phoenix.”

                “So what; they think it’s him?”

                “Who knows, but whatever it is he’s held onto for three years and finally decided to talk.”

                The leader of the pack stopped at the entrance and directed two guards to cover the entrance. He positioned another two in the middle of the corridor facing the solid metal doors. He took the tall muscular man with him and walked towards the end of the hall.

                “Wait here while I get the prisoner.”

                The leader of the pack walked to the end and brushed the dust off the old metal door. He slid the window slot open to peek inside before placing a key into the rusted lock. The loud screeching sound echoed through the corridor as the door opened.

                A long grey haired man with a bushy beard barely flinched at the sound of the door. He continued lying on the old mattress that was ripped, stained and had broken metal springs poking out from the bottom of it. His orange jumpsuit had the remnants of several meals plastered and caked all over his front. He glanced at the guard and turned his head to face the concrete wall.

                The guard tapped his nightstick against the bed. “Get up your attorney’s here.” The man refused to look back at the guard; refused to even consider moving at the guard’s command. “I said on your feet Mason.”

                The man snapped back to reality and jumped to his feet. His eyes were cold and calculating. It had been the first time he heard anyone call his name in nearly three years. Hearing it brought him back to a time where he was a rich and powerful man; one who controlled an entire country.

                “That’s President Mason to you,” he spat.

                The guard looked at him with distain. “You haven’t been president in years. Now turn around and keep your hands in the air.” Mason complied with the guard’s command and spun around. The guard forcefully took Mason’s hands and pulled them behind his back; slapping a pair of cold metal handcuffs on each wrist. Mason smiled at the guard. “You look smug for a man set to stand trial for treason and murder.”

                “Because I finally get to tell my side of the story and it’s one you don’t want to miss. I think it’s time everyone’s dirty little secrets to come out for the world to see.”

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