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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wine & Food Blog Tour

Welcome everyone to another big week on the Writer's Revolution. I am your host, the author of The Phoenix Blade, Andrew Hess. This week I decided to try something new. Today I am participating on the Wine & Food Blog Tour. I'd like to take a moment to thank Toi Thomas from the Eternal Curse Series for inviting me.

About The Phoenix Blade Series/
1) If your main character were a glass of wine, which one would they be?
 It would have to have an explosive flavor, something different and unique but fits well with many different styles just like the Andrew Lancaster character. So I would have to say Syrah wine would be perfect.

2) Describe The Phoenix Blade in one meal:
It's impossible to describe The Phoenix Blade in one meal. The book takes place on the run to which the characters mostly ate fast food, sandwiches and basic foods. So I'm going to give three different meals to describe a day in their lives.
The day would start off with a medley of bacon, eggs and French toast so the group fueled themselves with enough food to get them through the day. Coffee and juice are their drinks of choice. For lunch, the group would have to settle for something on the run; turkey sandwiches, chips and bottles of water gave them a quick stop while keeping out of the public eye. For dinner, the group would stop at diners or fast food restaurants; eating cheeseburgers or chicken sandwiches with a side of French fries.
3) What candy would The Phoenix Blade be?
100 Grand. It's filled with chocolate, pretzels, caramel and crisped rice. It's the perfect combination as is the group of characters in The Phoenix Blade. Their personalities are similar in some ways, different in many others, but once they're put together it is a formidable combination that makes you want more.
4) What does The Phoenix Blade smell like?
I would have to say it smells a lot like fast food, blood, sweat and gunpowder.
5) The Phoenix Blade's snack would be:
A pepperoni pizza or a bag of chips.

About the author:
1) Describe your most memorable meal:
I would have to say it was when I went to my cousins restaurant in Melville, Jewel. I had a swordfish dinner that to this day I salivate at the thought of. The meat was soft and could be cut with a fork. It was the first time I ever had swordfish and made me love it instantly.
2) One food word to describe your writing style:
3) What will someone find you eating/drinking when you’re really into a good book?
I don't usually eat much when I'm reading or writing a good book. I'm too focused into the story, the characters and ways I would improve them. Afterwards, I'm starving and tend to want sushi, pizza or something quick and easy to eat so I can get back to work on the book.

4) Sweet or Salty?
I am very much in favor of the sweets.

Thank you for joining the Writers Revolution. Be sure to check out my Amazon page for links to all of my books including The Phoenix Blade Series.
And remember to leave a reviews; let your voice be heard.

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