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Monday, May 26, 2014

Preview: Anne Conley

Welcome everyone to another big week on the Writer's Revolution. I am your host, the author of The Phoenix Blade, Andrew Hess. This week we have a big treat for all of the romantics out there as our guest this week is the author of the Stories of Serendipity Series and The Four Winds Series, Anne Conley

Anne Conley is a former high school teacher who lives her life out in rural East Texas with her husband and children. Since departing from teaching, Anne dove into her writing; finding her passion in composing two incredible Contemporary Romance novels that has transcended into a series for each. Stories of Serendipity, is a series that depicts life and love in a small town while her other series, Four Winds, shows what happens when God's Archangels fall in love.
In her own words, Anne describes both as;

 "They’re steamy, and some have a little grit, but most of them are realistic and relatable (with the possible exception of the steamy parts, because sex isn’t always that great.)"
Check out her blog, for updates, book blurbs, and more. For now check out a little from her debut books Falling For Heaven (Four Winds Series) and Neighborly Complications (Stories of Serendipity Series; which is free on Kindle)


Uriel is one of God's Four Winds, the Archangel of Destiny. He has helped thousands of people throughout the ages find their destiny according to His will. This time however, what he doesn't realize, is that it's his own destiny he's supposed to fulfill. 
Heather is an exotic dancer, who's stage name is Heaven. It's not that that's what she's always wanted to do, it's just that it helps her pay the bills, and she's got a lot of bills, with taking care of her mother and her sister. When the mysterious Uriel comes into the club, she can tell he's different, just how different will rock her world...

 Welcome to Serendipity, Texas, a town where real people deal with real problems. Meet characters in their thirties and forties struggling with day-to-day issues and managing to find love in the process. Visit Serendipity, where the days are hot, and the nights are steamy!

Claire is a jilted bride, jumping at the opportunity to hunt for treasure in the house her uncle left her in his will. Her goal? To start fresh in this tiny town called Serendipity, fix up the old house and start a bed and breakfast. The hunky widower next door is not in her plans. And when he seems to show up all the time, butting into her business, she can’t seem to dampen her frustration. Or control her urges.

Max has the same problem. Something about the woman next door has made him forget all about the comfortable memory of his wife. He feels an inexplicable need to explore the tumultuous emotions that Claire evokes in him, but it seems like all he can ever do is make her mad.

But damn, she’s sexy when she’s mad…

Warning: Mature content not suitable for readers under 18

Make sure you tune in to tomorrow for Part 1 of my interview with Anne Conley.

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