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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CHARETTA Interview Part 1

Welcome everyone to the Writer's Revolution. I am your host, the author of the Phoenix Blade, Andrew Hess. After a few weeks on hiatus, we're back bringing you some amazing talent including our guests this week CHARETTA

The Basics

Let’s start by getting to know CHARETTA.  Tell me about the band, the members, and how it originated.

Answered by Angelina DelCarmen – vocalist

How long has CHARETTA been together?

Charetta has been a band for almost 8 years now. I would say we’re hitting our 10k hours mark and then some!  

What’s the meaning behind the band’s name?

It’s a deadly venomous beetle in Egypt.

But if you ask me again tomorrow, I might give you a completely different answer.  ;)

What made you guys decide to become musicians?

I think we’ve all always been drawn to music. It’s in our veins.  We have very different tastes in music but when we come together – this magical sound happens.  

What has been the source of inspiration behind your songs?

Life is always the inspiration for songs.  The newer stuff we’re working on has been focused on bringing people together, inspiring strength and hope, and of course- bringing the rock.  

Everyone remembers their first.  Tell me about your first gig.

Our first gig was at alphabet lounge in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We had rehearsed for 9 months and had been pretty tame in the studio, but once we hit the stage we became wild animals. We were hooked!

What has been your most memorable gig?

Opening up for Lacuna Coil and Sick Puppies at Irving Plaza has been my favorite gig so far.  The bands were all so supportive of each other, the venue is incredible and the fans made that show what it was-awesome!  They loved rocking out and moving around and that’s more than any band can ever ask for from fans.  Throughout our 8 years as a band- we’ve had incredibly supportive, fun fans!  We couldn’t have done it without them.  

Tune in tomorrow for part 2 of our interview with CHARETTA. In the meantime, check out another great song from CHARETTA "It Runs In The Blood"

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And come see them this Saturday at SLAKE
251 W 30th in NYC

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