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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Book Tour/Interview: One More Breath by Delaney Williams

Title: One More Breath
Author: Delaney Williams

Cover Model: Steve Gehrke
Cover Design: Robin Harper at
Cover Photo Credit: Gabe Myers at TrueSound Photography
Editing on all photos: Andy Winn at Winn Photography

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, or the calm after a big storm, when the world seems new and fresh, when one can feel the rightness of the world falling into place, I forget. This is my favorite time; this is the point between old and new and the fresh and used. It is that point when I can pretend that I too am fresh and new. I can stand in the rain and shower off the old me, shedding it like the skin of a snake; with it goes the terrors and pain and I am left fresh. For a time. Then, I look down and see the scars, feel the terror and smell the fear. Yes, fear has a smell, a very distinct, very real smell. I am sure it is a different smell for everyone; for me it is lemons, coppery lemons. The fear I smell the most though is one that brings most peace.  And the sounds, oh the sounds that come screaming back into my head. They don’t leave. They never leave. They come screaming back, fast and furious, like a Japanese bullet train. Always on course, always on time. They crush me with the weight of the fear they bring with them. I have to escape. I need release; it is why I run in these early hours, in the rain and storms that other people stay out of.
I dress in my running gear and open myself up to the cathartic release I get from lacing up my shoes and I step out the door. I know I can’t out run my past.  I know I cannot escape the fears and pain, or erase the scars, but I can forget for a time. I can find that release. With each pounding footstep I feel calmer. I feel the terrors of my dreams fade and I can see the new day rising. What was done was done, I cannot change that. I am a new person now. New face, new name, new life. The run clears my mind and as I reach the end, the clearing of Aspens, with leaves now turning, looking golden and on fire in the early morning sun; I feel renewed. I love these mountains and their glorious, ever-changing beauty. The trees can be at once skeletal remains and yet grow, not giving in to nature, to become the beautiful fireballs before me, an amazing creation I am currently standing in awe of. Proof that life goes on; it continues. The world turns, the sun rises and sets and no one will remember what once was. Out of breath and energy, I lay down in the meadow and watch the sun continue its rise, preparing myself for another day. A day spent hiding myself yet being the most free I have ever been at the same time. Today, I start again...

BACK COVER/ SHORT SYNOPSIS  - **trigger warning:CANCER **
Ander has spent his entire life trying to forget his past indescretions. He owns the best tattoo shop in town and works himself the the bone. Hen ever lefts anyone, even co-workers, near him.
So when small, scarred, shy, and broken Leire comes into his shop and requests his work, it begins to feel like fate may have interviened, 
Can these two broken souls help heal each other?
Can Ander and Leire endure even more heartbreak and come out stronger and together? 
Will they get one more breathe and will it be for these two lovers?


 Let’s get to know you a little more. Tell us a about yourself. Hi, I'm Delaney. I'm a bit crazy, and a bit introverted. I consistently color my hair fun colors and participate in pinup. I love metal and rock shows. I've taught English for years and am just switching positions, in my head.  

What inspired you to write?
I have always been writing. My books had to become something more when the spirals began to take over the bedroom and I would wake up with even more going on in my head. 

Tell me a little about your book. (Title, plot)
The book is called "one more breath"  and it is the story of Ander (male lead) and Leire(female) both of whom have severe issues in their pasts that cause them to keep people at an arms length. Ander, his issues lie within is history with his family and Leire- Leire is me. Her issues lie in her health. Im letting people know her knowing she could be gone soon. But fate and love and a little perserverence push them together even though life does its best to pull them apart.
Who has been your greatest writing inspiration? No doubt Stephen King- his writing is superb and his stories are always amazing. His book "on writing" has been read and reread; it's become a goto for me. I even use it when I teach 101 as a textbook. 

Now a little more about you: If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring (excluding family, laptop, or writing utensils)?
Sunscreen sunscreen and more sunscreen.  I burn so badly family nickname is the crab. 

We find out the world is going to end
tomorrow. How do you live your last day? I hop a flight to Italy and make my way to Positano where I sit at the beach and drink lemonchello all day. Perfect day. 
If we were to make a movie of your life. Who would play the part of you?
My life would be one of those tear jerking lifetime movies but the whole time I was in Ireland I was called Buffy- so I guess Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Tell us 5 random things about yourself. 
1- I am a Cancer survivor
2- i am addicted to tattoos and now and laters 

3- I have to be moving. I can't stay in one place to long. I go stir crazy. 

4- I love the beach and want to return to it, as a real Californian I want to go back.  

5-  I love heavy metal and hard rock shows at intimate, smaller venues. 

What are the three places you have always wanted to visit but have not yet? I have been very lucky to have been blessed with two travel agents in my family so my list is a little hard to make: Dubai, machu pichu and maybe the Great Wall? 

Okay, crystal ball time. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? 
 Hopefully the same crazy haired metal concert attending writer. Who knows? The future is not mine to tell. 😊
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