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Friday, February 6, 2015

Book Review: The TERRIBLE Two's: Funny Things I Learned From My Toddler by Dan Alatorre

About the Author:

Best-Selling author and humorist Dan Alatorre turns his sights on fatherhood in "Savvy Stories," and the results are hilarious.

Dan was just a normal guy - until he became a first-time dad at the age of 47 - when most of his friends were becoming grandparents or sending their kids off to college. Some will argue that Dan was never a normal guy, but nobody will argue that the addition of a bouncing baby girl changed his life. His comedic debut book "Savvy Stories" tells humorous tales about a loving dad who sees the magic in children, and isn't a bumbling stooge about changing diapers like some TV sitcom.

Dan followed up the success of "Savvy Stories" with the even better sequel "The TERRIBLE Two's," and his inspirational book "The Long Cutie," which deals with life affirming stories about people with a rare heart condition. Dan also writes short stories about parenting and family humor that appeal to everyone.

Dan's success is widespread and varied. He became a best selling author (he claims it was a slow sales week at Amazon when that happened) and has achieved President's Circle with two different Fortune 500 companies. But he has always been a writer.

"I wrote cartoons as a kid, created a newspaper at my grade school, was co-editor of my high school newspaper... I had a desire to tell unique stories in an amusing way. I'm glad my smart aleck sense of humor has found a productive outlet."

Dan Alatorre was born in Ohio, and graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida (Go BULLS!), before earning an MBA from Tampa College. Dan, Michele and Savvy live in the Tampa area with their dog and cat, and an occasional armadillo ("but we're working on that")

Dan can be contacted through Facebook

and "Savvy Stories by Dan Alatorre" on Twitter


and his Blog

From interviews with Dan:

"My writing is done in a simple, plain spoken approach, and I try to put the reader right in the room with me."

"What people have found interesting about my stuff - at least what they've told me - is that it's interesting to hear all this from the dad's point of view, and not as a bumbling TV sitcom dad, but as a real, thoughtful, functioning human being. My wife had to stop reading my stories because she would cry (in a good way, I think) and her friends who would read it would cry..."

"It became my goal to have everyone I know cry first thing every morning. Or laugh; I could go either way."

"There is a lot of fun stuff in my books and I think you will be touched by them. You'll re-live memories and remember things that you never thought that you knew. I tell folks that my kid isn't any funnier or more unique than anybody else's kid; ALL kids do these things. I just wrote them down. And you'll know what I mean by the end of chapter 3."


Bestselling author and humorist Dan Alatorre tells hilarious, charming, true life stories about surviving childhood as his daughter "Savvy" turns two. Enjoy this funny and precocious little girl as she decides to give herself a haircut, decorates the cabinets using Sharpie Markers, and more.

These hilarious and heartwarming stories are about the lost, magical moments of childhood, viewed through the heart of a father. You will smile, laugh, and cry - sometimes on the same page! You should buy this book for the laughter, but you will keep it for the memories - and fall in love with you own children all over again.

A loving father, Dan expresses his work in these words: "I think it would be really cool if one day I can hand my daughter a book and say, 'Here, this is all about how much fun it was to hang out with you.' ”

Dan's humor has been celebrated in his bestsellers, and his keen insights are as priceless as they are precious:

"The honesty of a 2 year old is amazing. Are they all like this? I hope so. What a shame that probably has to change.

"I’ve caught my daughter doing stuff where I would expect an older kid to lie, and she persists in telling me exactly what she did, ratting herself out completely. That just can’t keep up, can it?

"Whenever it’s just the two of us home alone and I need a shower, like after I’ve worked out but my wife isn’t home to watch our daughter, I’ll put Savvy on the bed in the master bedroom and leave the bathroom door open. That way, she can watch cartoons while sitting on the bed, and I can shower.

"With the door ajar, she can’t see me, but she can certainly come in if some crisis were to happen – like the DVR switched her cartoon off and put on the news - and I can hear her if were to cry for some reason – like when she was trying to use the headboard as a balance beam and got wedged between the mattress.

"She’s two. That stuff happens..."

You will buy this book for the comedy but you will keep it for the memories - and fall in love all over again with your own kids!


I have not had the pleasure of having any children of my own yet, but have had several nieces and nephews to have witnessed them during their terrible twos. The stories about Savvy can illicit memories from every reader who has ever raised or even watched a toddler. There are unforgettable stories about writing on the walls and also giving self haircuts. Even if you don't have kids or any nieces and nephews, you'll find this book to be one that will give you a good laugh.

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