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Monday, July 8, 2013

Revolution of Change

Lately, one of my friends/associates has been posting older poems.  I decided it's been a while since I have looked at any of my old poetry as well and wanted to share one with you tonight.  This poem was the spark that ignited the fire that fueled my determination to become a writer and to inspire others to seek out their passions.  Hope you enjoy.

The Revolution of Change
By Andrew Hess

Let this be our declaration;
Not of independence of freedom;
But that we have set course;
In an attempt to initiate change.

We have set idly by;
Watched the world unfold;
And the feeble attempts by politicians;
To fix the problems they created.

Oh how different the world once was.
Their means of solving issues were extreme.
People might have been divided into various classes;
But how different is that to today’s culture?

Look to the Renaissance;
Many were revered.
They were put on pedestals;
Now view as icons of their era.

Musicians, writers, actors, and artists;
These were the individuals;
Who gave everything to the world;
Including themselves.

Today is much different.
The men and women representing those fields;
Are solely focused on publicity and money;
Becoming immoral role models.

That notwithstanding;
There are still many known artists;
Who are true and genuine;
Being what society needs.

There is more that’s needed;
Someone needs to represent it;
The movement;
The change that the world needs.

The voiceless shall be heard.
Children will have people to look up to.
The dreamers will have proof it can be reality;
Maybe then others will listen.

Now my brethren;
We shall rise up against injustices;
Our revolution begins today.

Who will fight for this cause?

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