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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Door Closes...Another Opens

I decided to keep looking over my old poetry and decided  to share another.  This one comes from 2011 as I approached my final days at one job before starting a new one.

One door closes…Another Opens
By Andrew Hess

Is it weird to be sad?
This road has finally ended.
It’s a joyous thought;
Yet brings tears to my eyes.

Those I’ve encountered;
Will slowly fade;
Making room for newer ones;
Embracing the new associates.

But long and behold;
They are never gone forever.
They will remain like the others;
Never truly departing from my life.

Instead they will merely visit;
Resurface when it’s their time.
Rekindle the friendships;
Living a new life together.

Then why so sad?
Am I afraid of the changes?
The idea of starting something new;
Has me feeling exhilarated.

In my heart;
I know I’m ready.
I can face the challenges;
That lay ahead.

Each day;
Each step;
Has me closer to my dreams;

Slowly making them a reality.

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