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Friday, July 26, 2013

Anthony Charles Interview Part3-Acting

And we are back with Part 3 of our interview with Anthony Charles.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  Fridays are always going to be bittersweet for me.  Fridays are when we conclude our interviews, but that means I get to bring on another exciting guest on Monday.  But for now, I bring you the conclusion of my interview with Anthony Charles.

Anthony Charles Interview Part 3-Acting
How did you transition from musician and podcaster to actor?
Well originally I was a musician in my teens and transitioned into acting during college.  I figured that the recording skills I picked up through music and the knowledge of performance with actor could merge into a descent show host. 
What kind of classes and training have you gone through to become an actor?
I went through a performing arts program not unlike the bulk of them out there.  It was pretty much standard theater, acting, history, classes with performances capping off the years studies. 
What were some of your earliest acting gigs?
They were all various theater roles in which I was a guy that wore a top hat.
Tell me about your first role?
My first acting gig was in pre-school where I dawned a top hat and cape.  I was the master of ceremonies and all the students were different animals.  I remember being so gung ho about being the lead in the play. 
Out of all the acting gigs that you had, take me through your most interesting and memorable one.
One of the most memorable moments I’ve ever had as an actor has to be when I played a character called Brundibar in a play by the same name.  The play was originally performed in WWII to the red cross by children in the Jewish internment camps.  The aim of the play was to convince the world that the camps were innocuous instead of the death camps that we know today.  The character Brundibar was supposed to represent Hitler and his domination of Europe.  Most of the cast did not survive the Nazi death camps, but I met one of the original cast members that did. 
I had turned the character into a very external malevolent character that still drew the attention and adoration of the townspeople.  I was getting into character backstage before a performance when the director came around introducing this woman to the cast.  When she looked at me, our eyes locked and without knowing anything about me, the look on her face brought her back to those camps.  I felt such sympathy and loss in that moment.  I still carry that moment with me. 
Past, Present, Future: If you could play any character from (books, movies, TV, or music) who would it be and why?
Batman. Without a doubt. I would love to tell a very human side of Bruce Wayne’s story and what drives him to become the Dark Knight. 
What would your dream role be (action star, villain, super hero, drama, horror, etc) and why?
I would like to try my hand at comedy.  I feel like I have a real knack for it, but a lot of the projects that I get seen for are dramatic in nature.  A good comedic role would be a lot of fun for me
Okay, crystal ball time.  Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Ah man, I really hate looking into the future because there’s so much to consider and worry about.  Ideally I’d be making a comfortable living as an artist.  I also want to keep having fun and going on adventures with other artists creating new things. 
Time to sound a bit creepy.  Where can people find you/follow you/or find out more about you?
That’s not creepy at all. Creepy would be something like, “So where can people watch a live webcam feed of you sleeping?”  I would say that would be the best bet.  You’ll find all the social networking sites on there, my blog, and episodes of my podcast.  If there was any one place to go for more content, that’d be it. 
Any last words?
Yes, I have no idea what I am doing. I am just making this whole thing up as I go along. 
Try not to succumb to the forces of entropy.  We are all temporary beings in this construct, and the fact that we exist at all is infinitely fascinating.  We are made of the same materials that form the cosmos, and the radiance of eternity dwells within us all.  So don’t waste that precious gift working some stupid job that you can’t stand. 

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