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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Interview with Anthony Charles part 2-Anthony Charles Podcast

Happy Thursday everyone.  Hope everyone is enjoying this break from the hot and humid weather.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix Blade, Andrew Hess.  Today, we will continue our interview series with our guest Anthony Charles.  In part 2, we will explore the Anthony Charles Podcast and how this incredible idea began.

Part 2-The Anthony Charles Podcast

Q.Earlier you told us about post production work and producing other musicians; which led to the creation of the Anthony Charles Podcast.   Tell me a little about it.

A. The Anthony Charles Podcast is about the insights of creative professionals and the lives they lead to make their dreams come true.  We discover the tools, motivations, and desires that go into a successful creative career.

The Anthony Charles Podcast is an interesting concept. What made you decide to start the podcast?

The idea for the podcast started after talking to two artist friends of mine that have done high profile gigs.  I talked to both of them about how they got to that level.  One is a musician and the other is an actor.  I was really impressed with how much their words helped me get through a funk.  It made such an impact on me that I wanted to share these stories with others to help them get through tough times.

How long have you been recording ?

I’ve been recording for quite a while now.  I honestly don’t know the exact number of years but it’s probably creeping up on a decade already. Time flies...

What’s been your favorite part(s) of recording the podcasts? The guests, the topics, planning it, or learning about people and equipment?

My favorite part is getting feedback from listeners.  There are so many talented people out there, but this business is very difficult.  Having somebody reach out in person or online to let me know that they drew some inspiration, hope, or learned something useful makes the entire process worth it.

Take me back to the first podcast. Tell me how you felt. Were you nervous, excited? How did you set it up?

The first podcast was sort of a cop-out. I basically announced that I started a podcast.  I introduced myself, things I’ve done, and where I think the show would head in the future.  I was a bit surprised that I was doing it but I was invested in the idea behind the show.  I basically hooked up some audio equipment that I originally bought for recording music.  It was collecting dust and it was bumming me out.  So by recording a podcast, albeit spoken word and not full band production, it made me feel more productive.

Everyone has the one moment that sticks out in their minds. What was your most memorable moment or guest from conducting the podcast?

I’d have to say that I’ve been very fortunate with the guests that I’ve been on the show.  Personal heroes like Sahaj Ticotin from the band RA really blew my mind.  To be such an intense fan of someone’s work is one thing, but seeing their name on your caller ID is something completely different.
Another amazing episode was Paul Russell.  He is such an outstanding resource; who is gracious and empowering.  It was quite amazing to read his books and then speak with him.
But one of the coolest moment for me, was the episode that I did with Andrew Goffman & Charles Messina from the off-broadway show “The Accidental Pervert.”  They really put on a great show and treated me really well.  It was cool to take my show on the road and experience the guests in their own setting.

How has doing the Anthony Charles Podcast affected you and your life?

Honestly, it has enriched my life.  I feel humbled and thankful that all these people took the time to share their stories and things that they’ve learned along the way.  It has opened up some doors that I normally would not have had access too, but it has also been a great avenue to showcase personal friends of mine that are in the arts.
I consider the shows that I’ve done with friends as a sort of audio time capsule.  I know that even if nothing else happens, I’ll be able to look back on those episodes as snapshot in our lives.

Where do you see the show going from here?

I honestly am not sure. I just hope that the show continues to grow and inspires more to follow their passion.  I think that the show will keep evolving as the episodes climb though.

Where can our readers find and listen to the Anthony Charles Podcast?

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