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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

At First Sight

I wanted to share an intimate poem that I wrote shortly after I met my fiance for the very first time.  It's called At First Sight.

At First Sight
By Andrew Hess

It was a surprise;
Something unexpected;
Yet welcomed;
Finding something I believed to be gone.

It was a freezing cold night;
During the warmest winter ever.
A month of talking;
Brought me to this point.

Sitting in my beat-up Sonata;
Waiting eagerly with a friend in the passenger seat;
Looking for a sign or car;
Ready to meet her for the first time.

She was tall; roughly my height;
Blonde and beautiful;
She was sweet, friendly, outgoing;
More than I was expecting.

We sat in a dimly lit coffee house;
Striking up a long conversation;
Forgetting our friends were there;
Only one person mattered.

I lost complete concentration;
But knew what to say.
I never fumbled for words;
Just spoke freely.

The hours ticked by.
The waiter was ready to kick us out;
Glad we left on our own;
So they could replace us with more customers.

Into the cold cloudy night we went;
Standing idly by the truck;
Refusing to break from the conversation;
Letting our time together expand.

Every other though that crossed my mind;
Was how much I wanted to break my rule;
To kiss her right there;
Despite our friends watching.

But the cold overtook the temptation;
Forcing everyone to retreat to their cars.
It took us away from each other;

Longing for just another moment with her.

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