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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Detective Ryan Series Countdown Day 1

Thank you for joining us on The Writers Revolution. This week we are celebrating the upcoming release of Conviction (book 3 of the Detective Ryan Series). We are 6 days away from the release and release party. Join us each day as we bring you more from the Detective Ryan Series, including teasers, reviews, and even an excerpt.

About the Author

Andrew Hess is a resident of Long Island, New York and a Lindenhurst High School Alumni (graduating class of 2001) Having been a fan of writing creative writing and journalism, Andrew found himself with the desire to become an author while studying Psychology at SUNY New Paltz. His first book, Chamber of Souls, debuted in 2011 where he depicted the life of a broken man wallowing in self-pity. Using free verse poetry, he brought this character to life while he journeyed to find himself.

Hess also found himself immersed in the world of mystery and thriller novels. His first Series, The Phoenix Blade, showcased a group of vigilante 20 year olds hired by the government to rid the country of those that have evaded justice. This fictional government conspiracy series currently has three books available and was awarded the Best Series of 2014 by Indie Author Books.

Despite spending most of his life Lindenhurst, Andrew also spent five years living in the New Paltz and Poughkeepsie areas. His return trips helped inspire his second series, The Detective Ryan Series. Currently, there are two books in the action packed series that depicts the life of Detective Ali Ryan as she investigates a series of murders while struggling to keep her family together.

Andrew won Indie Author Books: Best Mystery Thriller Author of 2015
Nominated for Best Male Author, Best Mystery Suspense Author of 2015
(By Wickedly Devine Divas, The Three Bookateers, & SNSBAH Promotions)
He was also nominated for Book of the year, and Best Mystery Book of 2015 for Campus Killer
(By Wickedly Divine Divas, The Three Bookateers, SNSBAH Promotions, & Indie Author Books)

Hess is also an avid blogger at The Writers Revolution ( and Between the Coverz ( where he promotes and interviews other authors, as well as reviewing books of all genres.

Campus Killer

Ali Ryan has dreamed of being a hot shot detective that solves high profile cases. Her love for crime novels and police dramas was her inspiration to become a cop, but it was her pushy demeanor and sassy impulsive attitude that earned her the detective promotion she coveted. But is your dream job worth sacrificing the ones you love?
The fall semester for New Paltz has begun complete with a dead body turning up in the dorms. Police claim the case is open and shut, but Detective Ali Ryan doesn’t think so. She throws herself into the case desperately searching for answers as the death toll on campus rises; each made to look like a suicide.
With Ali getting closer to uncovering the truth, the killer wants to make his attacks more personal. His sights are set on Detective Ryan and her sister. Police are forced to place them under their protection, but Ali is determined to hunt down the killer and stop him before he kills again. But how far is Detective Ryan willing to go to protect her sister and take down the sadistic killer?

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