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Friday, June 24, 2016

Book Review: Dark Alley Stranger by D.S. Wrights

About the Author:

D.S. Wrights was born and raised mostly in Germany.
She speaks three languages fluently: English, German and Dutch.
Her name is a pen name and she describes writing as her passion and calling.
Two short stories were published during high school, one as a school project and one in a regional newsletter.
Later she worked at a publishing house where she earned insight into the work, process and production of publishing books.
In the last few years she has published several fan fictions to which the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.
The Beast And Me is her first published novel.

Dark Alley: Stranger: Episode 1

Newly single and self-confident Alice has recently decided that she doesn't need a man to feel complete, if it wasn't for the one activity where a man can come quite handy.
On a girl's night out that was bound to be embarrassing and boring, since every girl of her clique is a mommy or about to become one, Alice makes a lot of interesting acquaintances and thanks to one of them she receives a mysterious invite to the "Dark Alley".
Too curious to heed her best friend's warnings, Alice heads out to end up having, hot, sizzling sex with a faceless stranger.

#1 Dark Alley Stranger
#2 Dark Alley Club
#3 Dark Alley Master

Review 4 out of 5 ****

I loved this book. The character, Alice, was very intriguing and wanted to know more about her. The plot of the book and how she became associated with the Dark Alley had my attention and couldn't put the book down. It was a quick read, which was good and bad for me. Because of the length, I was able to finish the book rather quickly. However, I was left wanting so much more and felt the book cut off way too soon.

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