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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Book Review: Home Court Advantage By N.M. Silber


Once upon a time, two lawyers fell in love across a courtroom …
Gabrielle and Braden have fallen in love and face a bright future together if they can just survive all of the crazy people they encounter, like anonymous napkin droppers, UFO enthusiasts, crooked businessmen, nude drunk drivers, and a woman who tries to break into jail. When the gavel falls will the verdict be happily ever after?
Come join the fun as the sexiest couple in the Philadelphia Criminal Court System shares more witty banter and red hot lovin’ with a dash of mystery thrown in. The story that began with The Law of Attraction concludes with lots of love and laughter in The Home Court Advantage.


I launched into reading this book right after reading the first book, The Law of Attraction. Even though I wasn't thrilled with the ending of the first book, I really wanted to know who was behind the creepy messages and who was stalking Gabrielle. So I jumped right into the book and was happy for the most part.

I felt the overall feel of the story was well written, much like the first book. It had great descriptions and amazing chemistry between Gabrielle and Braden both as a couple and their sexual chemistry. It had a lot of great moments including game night, but there I feel that there was a lot more that could have been done with the story and fell short of my expectations.

There were major areas that I felt could have been better and could have had a bigger impact on the story. The first was Gabrielle going to talk to a prisoner. I thought this could have had a bigger impact if it was stretched out longer and showed the emotion from both Gabrielle and Braden. The second was the big reveal of the who stalked Gabrielle. I won't give it away, but it was a big let down to me.

About the Author:

N.M. Silber is a USA Today Bestselling author, and recovering attorney, who survived the Philadelphia criminal court system, largely by having a sarcastic sense of humor. She used her experiences there as a starting place to build her humorous cast of characters and sexy story lines, and she employs her knowledge of legal practice, courtroom procedure, and how lawyers really think, in every one of her novels.

She has been a #1 Bestselling author in Romantic Comedy on Amazon, and a Top 20 Bestselling author there, and at Barnes & Noble. She was voted an Amazon Reader's Choice Best New Author for 2013, and has been ranked as a Top 100 author there overall. She has stated that her goal is to write books that genuinely make readers feel good.

N.M. Silber's Writing Manifesto:
1) My characters don't cheat.
2) My characters treat people with dignity.
3) My male characters do not refer to women as "whores," "sluts," or "bitches."
4) My female characters are strong, intelligent and unwilling to be involved with men who act like they are A) fifteen B) emotionally disturbed C) asshats.
5) My couples communicate rather than react.
6) My couples have fun, healthy, hot, and sexy sex. Nobody gets hurt - physically or emotionally.
7) My goal is to make you laugh, swoon, blush and hide in the bathroom to read. My goal is NOT to make you to go through a box of tissues or throw your Kindle.
8) There will be no amnesia, secret babies, dead parents, break ups over misunderstandings, book covers with Fabio on them or use of the words "throbbing manhood."
9) Despite all of the above ^^ I will still provide PLENTY of conflict and tension and sizzling chemistry between my characters.
Make sure you check pickup your copy of The Home Court Advanatage.

And if you haven't already checked out the first book, get The Law of Attraction

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