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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Toi Thomas Interview Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Writer's Revolution. I am your host, the author of The Phoenix Blade: Project Justice, Andrew Hess. Today I would like to welcome a returning guest, an incredible author and friend as well as one of my inspirations for interviewing authors, Toi Thomas.

Time for a little fun.

As a writer we paint a picture with our words to capture the reader’s attention and make them feel like they’re in the story watching the events unfold. Can you paint us a picture of what you’d consider a perfect day?

The bright yellow halo surrounding the sun through the tent of my sunglasses reminds me of sunflower, but I’m glad to not be in a field surrounded by them. Pulsating heat stings my skin in a delightful burn; I’ll be three shades darker when I return home today. An oily glaze of Banana Boat sizzles as I reapply, knowing it’s barely making a difference. I like going through the motions, being able to rub the contours of body while basking in the sun and receiving no judgment from passersby. They’re probably relieved to see me to perform the act, for fear of watching my flesh burn.

As a warm, soft gust glides over my legs, I turn over to let the air filter the subtle musk that’s developed between me and my towel. I enjoy the sting of the sun on my back so much; I decide to lie there a while. The hard cement below should tease and cause my muscles to ache, but I reveling the stiffness. Finally a chance to truly lie flat, but if I stay too long, I’ll feel it later. Before long, sweat beings to wash away my shield of SPF and I know it’s time to go back in. The clear, subtle-rippling water calls to me. By now my nostrils have embraced the chlorine. My heart patters again my chest in anticipation of the cool stinging contrast that waits.

Man, I do love a good day at the pool.

Which vacation spot would be best suited for you; a nice romantic getaway to an island, a sightseeing European vacation, an exhilarating ski trip to a mountain resort, or a spiritual getaway to a secluded location?

At this time in my life, I think the sightseeing European vacation would suite me. I’d enjoying tiring myself out daily with tours, resting in the afternoon, and then dining out each evening.

Any questions for me?

Thank you for having me back to the Writer’s Revolution; what made you decide to look up some of your past visitors?

I've come across some great authors over the last year and have been kind to me and the Writer's Revolution. Some had great inspirational stories (not just in their books but with their lives) while others had such a memorable book that I wanted to give them a chance to showcase them again.

Any exciting news  or developments in your life?

Besides wedding planning with my beautiful fiance, I have been putting the finishing touches on the first in my Detective Series; The Campus Killer as well as working on the re-write for the follow up to The Phoenix Blade: Project Justice which will be entitled The Phoenix Blade: Awakening

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I want to thank Toi Thomas for joining us this week.
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