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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adra Young Interview Part 1

Welcome everyone to a brand new edition of the Writer's Revolution. I am your host, the author of The Phoenix Blade, Andrew Hess. Today I want to bring you an update on one of our previous guests, Adra Young.

Welcome back to the Writer’s Revolution. I’d like to start off with a little recap for our readers and introduce you to our new ones.

Tell us a little about yourself.  Hello Andrew.  My name is Adra Young.  I am an author, and educator for the Detroit Public school system.

Can you give us an update on your book since you were last on the Writer’s Revolution? (How’s it been doing, any promotions coming up, book tours, any sequels in the works)

The Misfits, my middle school e-book on bullying; sales wise is on the up and up.  Publicity thus so far has been amazing.  Since the last time we had dialogue, I was nominated for Detroit’s 2013 Who’s Who’s Black in Detroit.  I’ve had the privilege of being featured on the listed internet radio, radio, and blog talk shows as follows; The Koffey Brown Show on Detroit’s 107.5, Nana Donsoa Show, The Quincy L. Lewis Straight from the Block Show, The State of The Black Parent’s with Shaness Richardson, The Les Jackson show, The Yolanda Johnson- Bryant Literary Lady show, and The Chris Lee Show. In February 2014, I was nominated as one of John T Wills featured authors of the month his Thought Provoking Perspective Blog.   On March 11th, 2014, I was featured on the Schmidt Law Service blog at by Attorney Lisa Schmidt.  On March 8th 2014, Attorney Schmidt and I had the privilege to serve as panel members for a bullying seminar at Hope United Methodist Church in Michigan which was hosted by WXYZ’s News Anchor Alicia Smith.  On March 27th 2014, I will conduct a literary workshop at Pulaski Elementary School in Detroit.  Geoffrey of Modern Tribe TV of Detroit conducted a terrific interview segment on my contributions to Detroit as an educator, author, and artist.  It will be uploaded on You Tube soon for viewers to see. 

Recently, my book reviewing skills have stepped my accreditation up a notch.  I now have “International Book Reviewer Status.”  Currently, I am conducting culinary critiques for restaurants within the south-east region of Michigan and lastly, I am officially a host for Urban Nation radio owned by Jason Dixon of Detroit. My segment titled, “The Cooks and Books Show” is now in the works. 

Can you tell us a little about your book?

Sure… Chelsea, a middle school student along with her friends, Brandon, Megan, and Josh all have one thing in common. All four of these students were bullied as sixth graders attending Vernon Middle School. Dreading the fact that the first day of school is soon upon them, follow The Misfits on their journey to discover if life gets any better for them as seventh graders before it gets worse
What do you have in store for your readers? (upcoming books, blogs, etc)

The Misfits Part II is in the works.  Through Gods will, I intend on using the book to create a short play for youngsters to attend and see prior to school starting back the fall of 2014.

What has been the most interesting book you’ve read lately?

It’s funny you would say that.  I just conducted a review on Joel Osteen’s Every Day A Friday. His books are food to my soul.  Check it out at

Do you have any tips or advice for potential writers?

Yes…persistence.  Keep doing it.   Remember to continue to write about what you are passionate about.  Don’t switch your genre or preface of writing because you feel like it isn’t bringing in the amount of money you want it to bring in now!  Hold steady and eventually you will get the recognition for what you love writing about.  Everyone does not become a “New York Best Seller” overnight.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with switching your style of writing or genre.  Just make sure that if you decide to do so that you are doing it because you want to and not because of an insecurity factor or “low writers moment.”  Believe me I know, we all have them. 

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