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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Adra Young Interview Part 2

Welcome everyone to a brand new edition of the Writer's Revolution. I am your host, the author of The Phoenix Blade, Andrew Hess. Today I want to bring you an update on one of our previous guests, Adra Young.

Time for a little fun.
As a writer we paint a picture with our words to capture the reader’s attention and make them feel like they’re in the story watching the events unfold. Can you paint us a picture of what you’d consider a perfect day? 

A perfect day for me is when my student’s at school understand the lesson I’m teaching and they shout out 100 times “Miss Young…I got it.” Despite of the fact that I have told them that I am proud of them and that they don’t have to shout it out anymore.  Lastly today, I attended a professional development today for teachers.  One of the instructors came up to me and said, “Ms. Young, I just want to introduce myself to you. I am following what you’re doing with your books on Facebook.”  You have no idea what a comment like that can do for an independent author’s morale.   The simple moments in life are what I define as a perfect day.

Which vacation spot would be best suited for you; a nice romantic getaway to an island, a sightseeing European vacation, an exhilarating ski trip to a mountain resort, or a spiritual getaway to a secluded location?  

Andrew…I must see Spain.  I am going to make it happen.  I just renewed my passport.

Any questions for me? 

Yes Andrew, how are you doing?   Remember Andrew, all obstacles in ones’ life make us stronger.  What are your plans for the summer of 2014?  After-all this winter of 2014 has demonstrated its seasonal capability to its fullest potential. 

As of the moment I am in the midst of planning a wedding with my incredible fiancé while working on getting the sequel to The Phoenix Blade out along with my first detective novel.

Where can our readers find you?  

Readers can find me on, Google, LinkedIn , Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram,, and the trailers for both my e-book The Misfits and my forth coming Cooks and Books segment on Urban Nation Radio are listed below.  Trailer for the Misfits  Trailer for the Cooks & Books Show  

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