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Phoenix Entertainment and Development

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Welcome everyone to another great week of the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  Our guest this week is author and teacher Adra Young

Now for a little fun.

If you could only bring three items with you to a deserted island (non-writing items or people) what would they be and why?

Having low blood, I would bring a blanket to keep me warm, a picture of my family, and plenty of my favorite Reiner cherries.

The world is going to end tomorrow.  How do you live out your remaining time?

I would want to be around all the people I love

Someone wants to make a movie based on your life.  Who would you pick to play you?

It would definitely be Taraji P. Henson, or Halle Berry.

Alive or dead, who is the one person you would want to interview and why?

I would have loved to interview Bruce Lee.

Okay, crystal ball time.  Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

In five years I see myself retired from teaching as a public educator.  I envisioned myself in love and happily married to a wonderful great guy. I see myself running a productive business promoting youth advocacy whether through socialization skills, performing arts, or both.  As far as writing, I see my blogs becoming highly recognized worldwide  for  simply for sharing my expertise on education regarding today’s youngsters, and eventually becoming the “it girl” when it comes providing a honest book review period.

Any questions you would like to ask me?

I have two for you.  What made you want to become a writer?  Who is your favorite author and why?

When I first started writing, it was just because I had a unique concept of a book that I wanted to write and then wanted to challenge myself to write.  But after a while, my stories became a part of who I am.  I was able to take my poetry and convert them into books with each one contributing to the overall story of the book.  I realized everyone had a story to tell or a favorite one they would always remember.  I wanted to be a part of that and help other writers find their way to do the same.

As for my favorite author, I would have two.  Edgar Allen Poe, because he had an incredible and creative style that captured readers’ attention and made them feel the intensity of each story.  The other is James Patterson, due to his way of making his readers form an emotional attachment to his characters and gripping mystery novels.

Any final words for our readers?

Yes. First, don’t let anything or anyone tare you from accomplishing your goals and dreams. Always remember that the true character and measure of a person is not shown nor displayed when life presumes to be a bowl of peaches.  The true measure of a person is revealed through life’s challenges, tribulations, while recognizing it’s putting its foot up your tail, you being a true champion simply chooses to not let it to break you.

Where can we find you?

I’m so glad you asked that. My list of social media contacts and web site is listed below. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured on your site.

Personal Web site:

Google:   Adra Young on google

Instagram: /

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