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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Misfits: Description and Reviews

Welcome everyone to another great week of the Writer's Revolution.  I am your host, the author of The Phoenix BladeAndrew Hess.  Our guest this week is author and teacher Adra Young.


Chelsea, your typical everyday student, would love to get the most out of her middle school experience. Unfortunately, Chelsea and her three friends Brandon, Meagan, and Josh all have one major dilemma standing in their way from accomplishing this goal. Linda,a seventh grade student from the previous school year, along with her crew, took it upon themselves to bully, and torment the four of them as sixth graders. Blair, Linda's younger sister of the two,refused to play any role in her sisters cruel tactics. As a result of it all, Blair becomes friends with Chelsea.

The first day of school for Chelsea and her friends as seventh graders approaches soon. All four of these youngsters experience back to school anxiety the night before. Riding the bus together the morning of the first day of school, they encourage and motivate one another to have a great first day. Although Chelsea and her friends have one amazing bond, does this pact have what it takes to have an productive school year as seventh graders at Vernon middle or,will they succumb once again to Linda's cruel and vicious acts of bullying


Review by: Tracie E. Christian on July 08, 2013 : star star star star star 
An entertaining and intriguing look into the affects of bullying on our youth. Adra Young has created a good read with a dual purpose. First, to inform youth that they are not alone in dealing with being the object ridicule. Second, this book provides a means for parents to re-connect with their children and allows them to live "a day in the life" of a modern day pre-teen. This book is funny, realistic and pro-active in providing logical ways to deal with bullying personally, as well as, at large via schools, community centers, churches and the like. Kudos on the first fictional literary effort for Children's Author, Adra Young! I recommend this book for Parents and Teens to read TOGETHER! It's Book for building better communities through empowering our youth!

Review by: WL Bush on May 27, 2013 : star star star star star 
A great quick read from someone who has worked in the education field for most of her adult life! An excellent insider's view and reference source for the terrors your child faces when the schoolhouse door swings shut behind them!

The Author, Adra Young, engages us about bullying in a simple and straightforward way. The Misfits got me thinking how many times shy kids tolerate so much bullying to the point they just want to kill themselves, how parents must focus on having good and open communication with their children to know the truth about what is going on at School.

It reminded me that the power of good friends, all working as a team, can change a whole School, a whole city and even the whole world.

Thank you Adra Young for this master piece! I recommend this book to everyone, particularly if you are at School or a parent.

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