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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Book review: Healing Ties By Jennifer Roche

About Jennifer Roche

Author Jennifer L. Roche is a NJ native, living in DE, is CEO of writing & photography company Rainbows of Happiness LLC. Jennifer was selected for the Featured Author's Showcase for her biographical memoir "Always In My Heart" on A Writer's Gallery. Her poetry has been published in The East Coast Literary Review Spring edition 2014, on various social media sites, and she was chosen as Poet and Author of the Month by MuttOnline.
Her current book series is the "Ties Series " consisting of Book 1 - Healing Ties with Book 2-Severed Ties to follow!

Healing Ties:

A work of contemporary fiction that introduces Andrea and Blythe. Two extremely different personalities brought together by fate as roommates in college. The beauty of these two girls is that they accept one another unconditionally despite their differences. Together they create a unique bond of friendship, that reaches beyond other's comprehension.

Unfortunately, there are those that seek to separate Andrea and Blythe "for their own good". Andrea and Blythe are ripped torn away from their one true friend in life. Forced to continue their life's journey on their own. One of the friends will choose to rise above the pain, following her heart to achieve her dreams. One friend will spiral into a pit of despair when the two girls are apart.
Can an unexpected phone call unite them once more reconnecting their previous bond? Has too much time passed , preventing Andrea and Blythe from healing their friendship?

With an ending that will have you on the edge of your seat, immerse yourself deep into a world of "Healing Ties!"


The beginning of the book had a rough start for me, but after reading a few chapters, I really got into the story and wanted to know what caused the split between the two friends. When the book focused more on Andrea, I felt we really got to know her as a person and see her overcome life's obstacles that prevented her from getting what she wanted out of life. I liked the ending and how it set up for the second book in this series. 

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