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Friday, March 25, 2016

Book Review: Clover's Adventures

About Sandra Shrewsbury

Sandra hails from West Virginia, where she lives with her family. She spent ten years working in the nursing profession. She loves to read, no matter what the genre is. However, her favorites are Romance, Supernatural, and Non-Fiction. This love for the written word inspired Sandra to begin her own writing career.She has two non-fiction books written now and is working on her first Romance Novel. She hopes to have her third book out by March 2015. She loves the outdoors and anything to do with nature. Her goal in life is to help as many people as she can before she dies. Sandra is a down to earth out spoken kind of person. She has a heart of gold and a great personality. If you haven't read her books yet you are missing out so go grab a copy today.She is also working on an awareness campaign for Drugs. Sandra has three more books coming out soon, she is working on a Thriller/Horror and book two from Clover's Adventurers and The Final Chapter in the addiction series Breaking- Away. Keep checking back for new releases from this Best Selling & Award Winning Author. See blog below:
Clover's Adventures:
Clover is a bunny who lost his mother at birth. He is scared and needs someone to take care of him. He has to learn things on his own, and when he ventures out to find a family who will love him, he finds more than just someone to take care of him. He finds special friends who teach him what is more important in life.

 I thought this was a cute book that is perfect for children learning to read or parents reading to their children before bed. I loved how it showed you can have more than one type of family. With a kid on the way, I look forward to reading Clover's Adventures to my son, and look forward to reading the future installments as well.

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