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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Book Review: Ava Bell

About Ava Bell:

Ava Bell was born and raised in Oklahoma where she resides with her husband, two children and three dogs. Miles From Home is her debut novel and was released on January 6th. Just recently Ava released a 3 book novella series, The Tabu series,  Ava is currently working on her second novel and two novellas that will be released later in the spring

Ava enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her family. She's also an avid reader. Some of her favorite authors are : Stephen King, C.J. Roberts, Cassia Leo, Caroline Kepnes and Colleen Hoover
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I have had the privilege to read all three books in the Tabu Series and was surprised at how much I couldn't pull myself away from them. I have reviewed each book listed below and strongly encourage others to pick them up.
Please Keep in mind, these books are intended for mature audiences 18+ only

 Curious (Book 1 of the Tabu Series)

While doing research for her new book, author Emma Sparks becomes intrigued with the BDSM lifestyle. When Emma meets Markus, a soft-spoken Dominate, he agrees to guide her through his world as she becomes more and more curious and as Emma and Markus' friendship deepens, she discovers that her deepest and darkest desires are beginning to surface. Emma suddenly realizes she not the person she thought she was and as she becomes increasingly restless in her marriage she struggles to find herself but is afraid it will destroy her picturesque life with her husband Daniel and two children. As Emma tries to resist her desires, Markus has other plans, he wants to bring her deeper into his world where he knows she belongs and he can make her his own.


 When I first came across this book, I knew I needed to read it. Seeing the character Emma get lured into the world of bdsm by way of doing research was an interesting concept that was well executed by the author. I could feel the pull within Emma’s character and how it feel alive again. Everything about the book itself had me wanting to read the next page, and this was just the beginning. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

 Awakening (Book 2 in the Tabu Series)

Author Emma Sparks lived the ideal life, she had two beautiful children and a husband that adored her, but something was missing. When she meets Markus, a Dominat, her world changes as he helps her learn more about his lifestyle, Emma had no idea she would learn more about herself in the process and as her relationship with Markus changes into something more, she cannot deny her dark desires. Emma tires desperately to keep her secret hidden as she lives a double life, knowing she is not the same person she was just a few months ago. Markus wants to own Emma, body and soul, but she is afraid to lose herself and give up all control to him. While Markus continues to seduce her mind, it's her heart that will betray her, and with her sudden awakening, Emma must choose which life she is willing to sacrifice.


Play with fire and you are bound to get burned, and this book proved to have a lot of heat in it. The story picks up six months after book 1 left off. Emma has continued her friendship with Markus and is flirting with disaster as the two become closer. The chemistry between these two had me wanting to see how far they were willing to take the relationship. There was an intense build up between the first two books of this series. I for one couldn't wait to see the passion between Emma and Markus to erupt. You could feel the emotions Emma faced and the pull between the life she had and the life she wanted. After reading this one, I needed to jump right into book 3.

 Submit (Book 3 in the Tabu Series)

Author Emma Sparks struggles with a decision that could change her life forever. Does she stay with Daniel, the only man she's known and loved, the one man that has given her everything except what her mind and body craves? Or should she set out on a journey of self-discovery with Markus, a Dominant that promises to teach her about who she really is and who makes her body come alive with excitement. Torn between a life of discontent and a life that promises excitement and passion, Emma's heart is at war with her mind and body, she must come to term with what she truly desires and what's best for her. Daniel and Markus each give her something she needs, but those needs are completely different from the other. It's now up to Emma to decide which one will make her life complete.


The third and final book of this series seemed a bit short to me, but there was nothing lacking in this story. This was the most intense book of the series. It showed more of the Dominate/Sub lifestyle including how far some of the rules can be taken. I felt the ending gave a bit of closure, but still left an opening to continue the series if the author chose. I loved each book of this series and think anyone who enjoys erotic books to pick up these books to read.

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