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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: Friends with Partial Benefits

Welcome everyone to another big week on the Writer's Revolution. I am your host, the author of The Phoenix Blade, Andrew Hess. Today we'll be reviewing the romance book Friends with Partial Benefits by Luke Young.

Friends with Partial Benefits

Plot: Brian, a student at Georgia State University, is dating a girl named Natalie who seems to genuinely care about him but tends to shy away from anything sexually. Things take a turn for the seemingly happy couple to where Natalie has become distant. Brian's buddy, Rob, suggests he comes back with him to Miami for Spring Break and stay with him at his mother's house.

There he meets Jillian, a divorced bestselling romance writer that has  series of bad luck blind dates with men that have only one thing on their minds. Brian and Jillian hit it off very well and have a lot in common; especially tennis. They share a mutual attraction and decide to take it to the court where things heat up.

Brian is stuck between his attraction to Jillian his loyalty to his best friend and his potential love with Natalie.

Review: Probably one of the most intense romance books I've read. Friends with Partial Benefits was  fantastic ride with a great storytelling voice, interesting characters and an unique take on the world of dating and how age is not a factor. I think a few parts in the story should not have taken place as it is less likely to have happened; more at the end when they are going back to the college and that the ending that was placed on this book should have been saved for a future book as it takes away so many options to continue the larger plot. It did leave me wanting a little more in both a good and not so good way. I wanted to read more about the Brian, Jillian, Rob and the neighbor Victoria. However, if the book was to include chapters detailing an intense lead up to sexual encounters, then there should be more follow through. It doesn't need to be graphic but at the same time shouldn't leave you saying "that's it; it's over."
All in all I think this has been a really good book and look forward to reading the next one Friends with Full Benefits.

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