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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Book Review: Cuffed by Eden Rose

About Eden Rose

Hello! My name is Eden Rose and its a pleasure to meet you. I have been writing for a long time and once I picked a topic, I couldn't stop writing. My books are very special to me because in some aspect I have had experience in the subject matter one way or another. I love reading romance but I like the main male lead to be a real bad boy, not one who thinks they are bad.

I live in Michigan with my husband and three fur babies! I can be found taking my dog for walks all over town or in a quiet corner reading. I have two degrees in history and criminal justice from a small private college in Michigan where I also joined a sorority.

Cuffed (Lockdown Series Book 1)

I thought I was okay being on my own, but then I realized what I was missing. You.

Chloe is a tough woman who doesn't believe in relationships. She views them as a prison and enjoys being a free bird in life. It's unfortunate for her that she's secretly in love with her hot roommate, Grant. One drunk night, the two best friends hook up and she thinks it means more than it did.

Grant is a person who believes in monogamy and thinks that people should be in relationships. When he wakes up to his best friend in his bed, he panics and drops her off into her own bed.

A few years have passed and the two are now face to face in a business setting. Chloe is a hot shot FBI agent and Grant is about to be her partner. The two realize that there's a sh*t ton of unresolved issues and know that it needs to be fixed before they can work together.

Is this the second chance that is needed for Grant to show Chloe that relationships are not all that bad? Or, will their job affect their budding relationship? Being FBI agents, the job comes first and it's about to throw some wrenches into the road.

My hand has been grabbed and he laced our fingers together. Such a simple touch shouldn’t mean this much, but it does. “What are you thinking about over there?”

I smile at him and squeeze his hand. “Just thinking about you…”

“How handsome I am?”

I blurt out a laugh and roll my neck. “You are so humble.”

This is what I love about being with him. I love the fact that we can still be silly together and know that we can be ourselves. None of that heavy shit where we have to talk about our feelings and all of that.

“Finally!” I yell and unbuckle my seat belt as he pulls into the garage. I’m half tempted to jump over the seat and molest him.

Grant swaggers over to me and opens the door for me to get out. I laugh when he grabs my hand and kisses the top of my hand. “My lady,” he bows in front of me with my hand to his lips.

Before I can say anything, he has picked me up and thrown me over his shoulders. “Hey!” I yell but he swats my ass and my body falls like a sack of potatoes on his back. “Put me down!” No use! He shuffles me so that my stomach is laying on his shoulder and my body is hanging down.


 The premise of the book was what drew me to purchasing it. I mean who wouldn't want to read about two friends that made it to the F.B.I. together hook up while they solve cases. The characters themselves were interesting. Each had secrets they kept hidden from the other and had issues with relationships. The beginning was well written and loved the book until I got to the middle. It started to seem like every other chapter Chloe was being thrown into another case which became confusing and somewhat unlikely that a Captain would assign three cases (2 of which are high profile) to Chloe and her team when there are many other agents that could also carry out the investigations. The constant sex in the book was hot, but felt the amount of it took too much away from the story. Now don't get me wrong; I'm all for having a lot of sex in books, but feel like the plot could have been developed better or more detail added to the investigations in addition to what was currently displayed in the book. The ending was great. I loved the little cliffhanger to lure me into the second book. Needless to say, I do look forward to reading the second book in the series to find out what happens to Chloe, and hope it is better than this one.

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