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Friday, July 10, 2015

Book Reviews: Pandemonium

Here are just some of the reviews Pandemonium has received.

This book starts off showing how well evil blends in.  You can be anywhere and not know what’s lurking behind you until it’s too late.  Almost from the beginning, the reader is embroiled in suspense.  It’s a twisted tale that shows how disconnected from reality a person can get.  It also shows the terror that evil can evoke. 
Andrew Lancaster is a young man who has a lot on his shoulders.  He’s trying to have a normal life in a world that’s gotten very chaotic.  He has an enemy that’s evil personified.  Our author shows that no one can consider themselves safe anymore.  It shows the length someone will go to in order to inflict pain on someone else.
This book is like the first time I watched “Poltergeist” – I needed a pillow to hide behind.  But it’s also like a guilty pleasure – you may put the book down for a while but you can’t help yourself and have to pick it up again.  If you’re looking for a read to get you out of your comfort zone then you’ve found that here.
I feel that if you’ve never read this author before, this would be a great start but…  But if you really want to understand his characters, you do need to start at the beginning of this series.  The ending wraps up the series so if you’re even thinking of reading Project Justice and Awakening, I wouldn’t read Pandemonium first.
Our author is a very creative person.  With the way he’s developed all his characters and his scenes.  He makes his story fit into what is currently going on in the world.  And he also makes you question how real it is.  You can just picture every event as it occurs.  After finishing this series, the next thing you have to decide is what you’re going to read next.
~Lynn's Romance Enthusiasm

Evil is everywhere, according to this book and it creeps up on you when you least expect it.  I was riveted from the very start of this tale about how evil can twist your reality into a swirling sea of horror.
Andrew Lancaster just wants a normal life which is difficult in the chaotic world that surrounds him. This book personifies the nature of evil and how it will target and destroy anyone in its path. I couldn’t put it down.
This is the third book in this series and honestly, its best to start with book one so that you have the full understanding of the plot and characters. After you read Project Justice and Awakening, Pandemonium will complete the thrilling suspense series.

~Author Alaina Stanford.

Pandemonium is the third installment of the The Phoenix Blade series.  The Phoenix, Andrew Lancaster, and his cohorts are hiding from the The Revolution in New York.  Their only hope is The Reaper stays in hiding.  Unfortunately, this enemy isn't finished and wants revenge on them and everyone they love.

The author begins the story right away.  The reader is instantly whisked into the mind of the demented Reaper.  There is explosive action on almost on the first page.

The reader is then given a quick synopsis of the last two books.  So the series can be read in sequence, or read individually if desired.

Overall, Pandemonium is a well written book. The author created a fast paced action packed story. It has romance, revenge and a crazy twist in the end.

It's a complete story, however, the author leaves the reader wondering if the Phoenix's adventures are truly over.

~A.E. Albert

Get your copy of Pandemonium today and see how explosive The Phoenix Blade Series really is.

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